Album Review: The Hellfreaks – Astoria (Self Released)

The Hellfreaks are a female-fronted punk rock band from Budapest in Hungary. After a bit of a hiatus the band are back with a new style & a new album, Astoria. Which was independently released last year.

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Fans of The Dillisters & Hole will feel very at home with The Hellfreaks & their new album, Astoria. A snarling & spitting rock record jammed with catchy riffs & punk rhythm. Opening with the catchy tune of Burn the Horizon, it’s taken up a notch by the vocals of Shakey Sue who will certainly draw comparisons to Brody Dalle.

Why Do You Talk, Rope & Wolf all bite hard, drawing blood with a combination of heavy riffs, up-tempo rhythm & snarling ‘no fucks given’ vocals. The latter in particular is one of the most accessible tracks on the album proving that The Hellfreaks know how to put together catchy rock music as well as delivering punky punches.

Nowhere is that better exemplified then on Dawn, a thumping piece of rock that has a seriously infectious chorus & wicked guitar solo to top it off.

The album grows in strength as it goes on. The later tracks really embracing the more rockier style with huge sounding choruses. Shakey Sue’s vocals still have plenty of bite to them but the music is far more memorable. Your Call, Sid and Clyde & Back to My Planet get the foot tapping & the head-banging thanks to the constant upbeat energy.

Astoria, a very good modern punk rock album comes to a finish with one final burst. Little Crime is short & to the point. A middle finger to anyone that would doubt The Hellfreaks and on this showing, who would dare?

Hellfreaks 2

The Hellfreaks – Astoria Full Track Listing:

1. Burn the Horizon
2. Why Do You Talk
3. Rope
4. Wolf
5. I’m Away
6. Dawn
7. Come Around
8. Your Call
9. Sid and Clyde
10. Back to My Planet
11. Little Crime

Check out Astoria for yourself via Apple Music below, via Spotify & via Amazon. You can find out much more about The Hellfreaks over on their website, on Facebook, Twitter & check out some of their videos on YouTube.

The Hellfreaks - Astoria (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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