Album Review: Hedonihil – I (Inverse Records)

Hedonihil is a death metal anti-poetry product founded by Juuso Raatikainen (Swallow the Sun) and accompanied by Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun, Kuolemanlaakso) & Juho Räihä (Swallow the Sun, Gloria Morti, Hallatar). Hedonihil’s purpose is to be a direct sonic insult towards existence, no remorse. Take it or leave it, negative vibes only.

Their album ‘I’ is out on April 14th 2019 via Inverse Records.

Hedonihil 2

A blackened death metal release, Hedonihil’s I is a incensed beast of potency that horrifies as much as it enlightens. A deep, bellowing and heavy focus on corrupted vocals, creeping riffs and sparks of cleverness. The latter is what makes this more then just another run of the mill death metal record, albeit one with some of the most savage riffing heard this year.

The likes of Otherworldly Embrace, The Hedonist Anthem and Temple of Venues set the stage well with the latter in particularly showing off some guitar flair near the end. It starts to really excite as the band pull zero punches with the fiery Anti-Human Agenda and The Whole Human Species Systematically Murdered. A pair of raging, hate-filled tracks.

There us no denying the savagery on show here especially when we have a finale like You Hate Me and I Hate You. A cover of the GG Allin track. Death metal at its most vile, let the hate consume you.

Hedonihil 1

Hedonihil – I Full Track Listing:

1. Otherworldly Embrace
2. Run You Scum
3. The Hedonist Anthem
4. Temple of Venus
5. Anti-Human Agenda
6. The Whole Human Species Systematically Murdered
7. Better Tomorrow
8. You Hate Me and I Hate You (GG Allin Cover)

Find out more via Hedonihil’s Facebook Page.


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Hedonihil - I (Inverse Records)
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