Album Review: Hawk Eyes – Advice (Drakkar Entertainment)

Following an informal hiatus, Hawk Eyes are back with their fourth album, ‘Advice’. Like many others in the UK and the rest of the world, they are both fascinated and horrified by what’s been going on in the past few years; everything is weird and absurd, and this is reflected in the lyrics on the new album.

Inspiration has been drawn from a wide variety of sources, from the news to the work of Thomas Pynchon and the history of the Soviet Union. As to the album title, the band felt that as the world is filled with unsolicited opinions from people telling you what you should think, do and feel, they should make a contribution; so, this is Hawk Eyes’ contribution, their ‘Advice’ to the world.

‘Advice’ is out on September 6th 2019 via Drakkar Entertainment.


A riff monster of a band, Hawk Eyes’ return is one that will turn a few heads, regardless of if you’re a fan already or this is your first time listening to the hard rockers. Strength comes from the powerful licks and hooks, Hawk Eyes expertly blending important and powerful subjects with feel good rock and roll.

A bouncy and energetic start with Royal Trouble leads into the more thought-provoking Follow Me and the troublesome wildness of Never Lead Me. A trio of tracks that make plenty of noise but showcase a mature and well produced band.

It’s time to slow things down with New Greek Fire, a more indie-centric song especially with its light and airy finish. Before the exceptionally well put together Perfect Again thrills with powerful melodies and vocals.

So far, so very enjoyable. However, the real standout moment comes with Smokes which sees Richard O’Brian (Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Crystal Maze) guest with a spoken word segment. This dulcet tones against the punchiness of the riffs and high yelps of the main vocals works so damn well.

The latter part of the album also sees Hawk Eyes pull out all the stops with the really catchy Hand in My Heart Cage, the upbeat energy of Win On Win and the seemingly effortless way in which Keep ‘Em Cold close out the album with both memorable rhythm and interesting melody.


Hawk Eyes – Advice Full Track Listing:

1. Royal Trouble
2. Follow Me
3. Never Lead Me
4. New Greek Fire
5. Perfect Again
6. Advice
7. Smokes
8. Hand in My Heart Cage
9. State of Opposition
10. Win On Win
11. Keep ‘Em Cold


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Hawk Eyes - Advice (Drakkar Entertainment)
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