Album Review: Haunt the Woods – Ubiquity (Spinefarm Records)

Alternative rock quartet Haunt the Woods will release their brand-new album ‘Ubiquity’ on September 29th, 2023 via Spinefarm Records.

It’s fair to say that the genre of ‘alternative’ doesn’t really mean much these days as just about everything that isn’t a pop hit gets lumped into this category. What does alternative rock even mean anymore? Rock, but different?

Well, if you want an example of a band who encapsulate the term, then look no further than Haunt the Woods. A rock band, yes, but weaving in so many different styles and ideas that they end up sounding like nobody else. All while having a dramatic and appealing musicality that has the potential to grab a wide array of listeners.

It’s a bit folky, it’s a bit proggy, it’s quite poppy, and it’s definitely rocky. Ubiquity is a fresh experience within this world, and does a good job of creating a vivid display light and colour. Across twelve tracks, Haunt the Woods offer a dynamic experience with multi-faceted tunes. Where, one minute you’re moving and grooving to an infectious beat. Then, the next, you’re sitting quietly and pondering the emotional output caused by the music. Sometimes in the same bloody track.

Now, this level of experimentation, and there is a lot, does mean the album is going to have a certain polarising effect. On an initial listen, it’s easy to dismiss this record as nothing more than a fanciful showcase of individual musicianship and little else. However, the more time spent within its rich and vivid world, the more it captures the imagination. As the album goes on, the inherent prettiness and poetic style really starts to warm the soul. Even one frozen solid by years of blackened and destructive noise.

There can be no better praise for this record then to say that it has the power to change a naysayers mind, provided Haunt the Woods are given the space to do so. It doesn’t take long for Ubiquity to do this either and it is an investment that pays off.

Alternative rock, you say? It sure makes a ton of sense when you put Haunt the Woods front and centre as the banner band.

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Haunt the Woods – Ubiquity Track Listing:

1. Fever Dream
2. Gold
3. Save Me
4. Equilibrium
5. Home
6. The Line Part II
7. Now Is Our Time
8. Ubiquity
9. Overflow
10. Sleepwalking
11. Numb
12. Said and Done


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Haunt the Woods - Ubiquity (Spinefarm Records)
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