Album Review: Haq123 – More (Self Released)

Birmingham’s dark sonics triumvirate Haq123 return with “More”, their fifth full studio (ie. home recorded) album.

More what? More steel, more aggression, more power.

The two younger Haqs, singer Millie aged 12 and drummer Zac aged 13 have had to toughen up quite a bit recently, both now having graduated to high school on the mean streets of Brum. More true stories including a theme park-based event when one of the Haqs took a turn for the worse, a Welsh wasp incident, an overly officious referee from Millie’s weekend football and a description of Zac and Dave’s back garden.

The novelty of Haq123 hasn’t quite worn off yet and it’s still amazing to see two youngsters playing metal at a such a young age. So, what can fans expect on this fifth album?

13 short, sharp and pointed metal tracks. Aggressive, with punky spirit but also super weird. More is an album that can’t quite be put in one genre or another as there is so much eclectic energy. The use of effects and synth, the dominating bassy fuzz, the vocals that are surprisingly cutting considering they’re coming out of a young mouth… it’s 22 minutes of very weird metal.



Is it any good? It’s going to have its lovers and haters. A lot of the latter just because they’re jealous that kids these young have more talent than them. That being said, the lack of coherency in structure and the heavy use of effects will turn off a lot of metal fans. For every great track, there is another that isn’t so great.

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Opener The More has an irritating vocal effect whereas Human Remains is thrashy, punky and the effects enhance everything. Day Trip to Ogmore’s tongue in cheek lyrics and synth play off the bass and drums well but Fly Harmer feels like too much. Then two bangers in the form of the super-bassy Richie and intense Occasional Roadkill before Build ‘Em Up… brings back those eye-watering vocal effects. Whereas Know It All is right in your face and Oblivion has some nice melody amongst the chaos but Stick in the Mud sounds really forced.

Hit & miss basically but so damn eclectic that it’s a fascinating listen. Not only that, it’s 22 minutes overall so easy to digest.

Haq123 – More Full Track Listing:

1. The More
2. Human Remains
3. Day Trip to Ogmore
4. Fly Harmer
5. Richie
6. Occasional Roadkill
7. Build ‘Em Up…
8. Crying Screamers
9. Know It All
10. Killer
11. Oblivion
12. Stick In the Mud
13. Th’Ole


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Haq123 - More (Self Released)
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