Album Review: Haissem – Panacea For A Cursed Race (Musica Productions)

Hailing from Donetsk, Ukraine, Haissem is the solo project of Andrey V. Tollock and Panacea for a Cursed Race is the projects new album due to be released at the end of July by Russian label Musica Productions.



Well then…what a great album this is. Playing a mix of primitive death metal mixed with black metal influences and post melody and rhythm. An utterly wonderful listening experience, the opening track Drown Within Temptation will get the hairs standing up across your entire body.

The soul-touching start is then followed by a track with a bit more sting and hostility to it. प्रलय (Pralaya) brings weighty rhythm and these burning moments of hard-hitting drumming and guitars that absolutely roar.

Keeping things harsh and extreme, The Dividing One crashes through the door while Thy Evil Hath No Limits dips into doom territory with haunted soundscapes mixed with the ferocity.

Just like that, Panacea for a Cursed Race comes to an end with the title track. Doomy guitar rhythm increases in tempo laying out a feast of aggressive blackened death metal noise. The shortest song on the album by some distance, it certainly doesn’t disappoint on a release that ticks all the right boxes for a heavy, melodic and memorable listen.

Haissem 1

Haissem – Panacea for a Cursed Race Full Track Listing:

1. Drown Within Temptation
2. प्रलय (Pralaya)
3. The Dividing One
4. Thy Evil Hath No Limits
5. Panacea for A Cursed Race

You can pick up the album digitally now via Bandcamp and find out more about Haissem on Facebook.


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Haissem - Panacea For A Cursed Race (Musica Productions)
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