Album Review: Hail The Sun – Divine Inner Tension (Rude / EVR)

Divine Inner Tension is the sixth album from Californian math rock/progressive quartet Hail the Sun. Following their lauded 2021 album New Age Filth, this new album will be released on August 11th, 2023 via Rude / EVR.

The line between genius and madness gets every more transparent when you get band’s like Hail the Sun. How else can you explain something like Divine Inner Tension? Something that is equally progressive rock and alternative pop? As baffling as it is anthemic? Liable to entertain masses of cross-genre fans and befuddle those who like their music to be one thing and one thing alone?

Try and dislike Hail the Sun, it’s just not possible. They’re far too much fun, far too believable, and far too talented to dislike. Even if some of the poppier elements of this album don’t always resonate.

No matter though, as there’s always something that grabs the attention, often in the same track. From beginning to end Hail the Sun take the listener on an elaborate and unique journey of rock anthems. Where complex instrumental passages and rhythms match impressively with vocals that soar with poppy power and dig into the dirt with passionate shouts and screams. It’s quite a contrast but it works. Goodness, does it work.

Pick any track you want as a taster; you’ll find something wonderfully infectious. You’ll find something that has an array of progressive ideas and creative talent on show. Though if you want some recommendations, then you must check out the emphatic energy of Tunnel Vision Alibi. Or the stupidly infectious Chunker, a track that might have the album’s best chorus and outro.

Then there is immense sound and honest lyrical content of The Story Writes Itself. Or the mood-altering (In My Dream), and the more aggressive epic-ness of Tithe. Seriously, it’s anything and everything with Hail the Sun, and Divine Inner Tension certainly leaves an impression.

Genius or madness? You decide. It’s well worth finding out though.

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Hail the Sun – Divine Inner Tension Track Listing:

1. Tunnel Vision Alibi
2. Mind Rider
3. Chunker
4. 60-Minute Session Blocks
5. Maladapted
6. The Story Writes Itself
7. (In My Dream)
8. I Saw You Hanging
9. Tithe
10. Feeble Words
11. Little Song
12. Under the Floor


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Hail The Sun - Divine Inner Tension (Rude / EVR)
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