Album Review: Grande Royale – Breaking News (The Sign Records)

All about big rock anthems, the new album from Grand Royale, Breaking News is out on August 25th 2017 via The Sign Records.

Grande Royale 1

Leaning towards a more southern rock sound, Breaking News is an album that is jam-packed with old school rock riffs, huge hooks & plenty of toe-tapping melody. Feel good music with a healthy swagger about it. The first couple of tracks, Know it All, Brake Light, Devil’s Place & Breaking News all have plenty of fun rhythm & catchiness.

Short, radio friendly songs. The groovy hooks & exciting solo of Live With Your Lie lift it above the repetitive vocals while the Daily Illustration shows off some nice imagination with some great melody. The piano tones that hit behind the main bulk of the track is very good, the best song on the album by some stretch.

The latter half of the album flies by in a blur of hooky old-school rock and roll riffs & ‘woah-oh-oh’ vocals. One Second is super-catchy, R’N’R Business ticks all the right boxes before the album closes with a smile-inducing I’m on the Loose. Initially sounding like a Bon Jovi rip-off. Once it really gets going it’s way more fun then it deserves to be. The perfect finish to an album that is all about making you feel good, all about putting a smile on your face with its upbeat tunes.

Grand Royale 3

Grand Royale – Breaking News Full Track Listing:

1. Know it All
2. Brake Light
3. Devil’s Place
4. Breaking News
5. Live With Your Lie
6. Daily Illustration
7. Got to Move
8. One Second
9. R’N’R Business
10. I’m on the Loose

You can order the album now via Freight Train here & make sure you head over to Facebook & like Grande Royale’s page too!


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Grande Royale - Breaking News (The Sign Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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