Album Review: Gramma Vedetta – The Hum of The Machine (Mandrone Records)

Launch into an alternate universe with Gramma Vedetta’s new album The Hum of The Machine. The London-based duo bring a collection of nine scenes that tell the story of a man who seeks to remain unique in a world where compliance ensures you a place in the upper echelons of society. It will be released on May 27th, 2022 via Mandrone Records.

In their own words:

We’re stoked by what we achieved with The Hum of The Machine. This album is a complete audio and visual experience – we can’t stop listening to it. Each song has been crafted with great attention to detail and top-notch production. Talented illustrators helped us to translate our sounds to images and we can’t stop exploring it. With this album we have definitely reached a higher level, with our own sound, different from everything you ever heard before.

That’s a big claim from the band but one that most will find themselves agreeing with as they go on this progressive journey. From the very moment A Chance to Win the Orb kicks in, the sci-fi senses are buzzing and the atmosphere of otherworldliness builds nicely. A little bit weird, a little bit psychedelic, a little bit groovy and a whole lot of brilliance.

It just gets better, more varied and stays consistently interesting from this point too.

Starlight Portal Show has a bit of the ‘70’s proto-rock’ about it but is also one of the more groovy and energetic efforts on the album. Robots for War is a finger-snapping, foot-tapping and head-nodding slice of groove quality. A Broken Time Machine than slows things down for a more melodramatic and atmospheric slice of melodic rock. Before The Electric Game brings back the energy for a more frantic lump of groovy and progressive noise, electrifying all who let it loose in their mind.

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An ‘all killer and no filler’ album, it’s no surprise that the latter part of the album is just as good as what came before. Few won’t be wowed by what Gramma Vedetta have achieved here but also, for those who have been along for the ride, how far they’ve come stylistically. Further proof of that coming in the form of The Future of The Past, Transmission’s On, The General Magnetic and The Spanish Wormhole. A trio of tracks littered with intense progressive detail, sci-fi infused effects and groove, unnerving moody melodies and ear-worming liveliness.

It’s actually a shame the story has to end as this is one hell of a captivating album, but end it must. Happily, Gramma Vedetta throw their all into making sure it ends with a mighty big bang. I Feel the Comfort, oozing atmosphere with soft melody and echoing vocals that then erupt into something with rock bite. It’s a classy closer on an album that is wall to wall brilliance and will be getting repeated plays all year long.

Gramma Vedetta – The Hum of The Machine Full Track Listing:

1. A Chance to Win the Orb
2. Starlight Portal Show
3. Robots For War
4. A Broken Time Machine
5. The Electric Game
6. The Future of The Past
7. Transmission’s On
8. The General Magnetic and The Spanish Wormhole
9. I Feel the Comfort


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Gramma Vedetta - The Hum of The Machine (Mandrone Records)
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