Album Review: Goths on the Beach – Goths on the Beach: Greatest Hits Vol. I (Self Released)

Goths on the Beach are a band based in Busan, South Korea. A mix of Canadians, Brits, and Aussies, we are committed to combining the joys of surfing with the joys of being goth. Their debut album ‘Goths on the Beach: Greatest Hits Vol. I’ is out now.

The fun factor is at an all time high here and that makes for an infectious experience. Especially when you have a band believing in everything they do, but not taking themselves too seriously. Case in point, the opening flurry of GotB, the self-titled track, and Hip to Be Depressed. These first few tracks will tell you so much about who Goths on the Beach are. A band that combines punk, goth rock, and surf rock to great results. Catchy results that put a smile on the face.

Which continues into the electronica dance number that is Don’t Hang (Ten) Yourself, the extremely odd INTERMISSION (Do Ya Like Goths?), and the dramatic blend of effects and goth-ness that is Sad Thoughts Are Cool. At this stage, it also becomes abundantly clear that Goths on the Beach are not afraid to be extremely experimental too.

Experimentation that might not be for everyone, even when you get a more chaotic and darker tone with Bela Lugosi is Dead Serious About Learning to Surf. Or when you get the blatant Rammstein inspired Du Liebst Da Surfen. The smile will still be on faces but it might be a bit more of a confused one at this stage.

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How about the penultimate track The Boat Party though? A WTF moment as Goths on the Beach showcase light and airy atmosphere, adding in some memorable effects and an ‘off the wall’ conversation between Ken and Barbie. Yes, if you haven’t realised it yet, this band is a bit weird. Sadly though, The Boat Party is Canceled and Goths on the Beach have the soundtrack to that disappointment. It might be the most memorable track of all.

In a world of musical ‘heard it all before’, credit where credit is due, Goths on the Beach stand out. It’s not going to be for everyone but the unique flavour of what they do is well worth checking out.

Goths on the Beach – Goths on the Beach: Greatest Hits Vol. I Track Listing:

1. GotB
2. Goths on the Beach
3. Hip To Be Depressed
4. Don’t Hang (Ten) Yourself
5. INTERMISSION (Do Ya Like Goths?)
6. Sad Thoughts Are Cool
7. Catch a Wave (of Sadness)
8. Bela Lugosi is Dead Serious About Learning to Surf
9. Du Liebst Da Surfen
10. The Boat Party
11. The Boat Party is Canceled


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Goths on the Beach - Goths on the Beach: Greatest Hits Vol. I (Self Released)
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