Album Review: Good Charlotte – Generation Rx (BMG)

Going into Generation Rx, the seventh and latest album from pop-punkers Good Charlotte a question comes up almost immediately which is: Do we actually need or want a new Good Charlotte record in 2018?

Generation Rx 2

The band might have been inspired by the culture of self-medication and battles with mental illness but it is hard to get to excited after their sub-standard showing last time round with Youth Authority. (Although that is just one person’s opinion as you can read a different review of Youth Authority from another writer on the site here).

You can also read our early thoughts on the first single, Actual Pain released from Generation Rx here.

Let’a get this out of the way straight away. Generation Rx is not a very good album but it is better then Youth Authority. It’s bland at times, often boring and lyrically hit & miss. The lack of sincerity in their angst-ridden lyrics is mostly gone here although it does lack focus and effectiveness.

“Alone inside, I wish that I could die” – Shadowboxer

That’s a bit of a problem when almost every song on this album follows the same pop-rock formula. The lack of energy in this album is genuinely disappointing and there aren’t many choruses that grab the attention. It’s so frustrating as there is plenty of talent in this band when they try something a bit different such as the piano/classic rock solo of Cold Song.

“Would you die for me today?” – Prayers

Perhaps the highlight comes from in the form of Leeches which features Architects frontman Sam Carter assisting on vocals to add some much needed oomph before Better Demons and California (The Way I Say I Love You) close out a very disappointing album.

The former of the final two continues to lack a spark while the latter is just bad. The ‘sunny side up’ effort feeling completely out of place amongst the emotive drive of the album.

Good Charlotte were a voice of a generation once but that group (me included) have moved on. There are many modern bands (Creeper) doing this now, who are far better at it and sound much more convincing.

Good Charlotte’s inspirations behind this release can’t be faulted and they seem to be on the right track at least.

Generation Rx 1

Good Charlotte – Generation Rx Full Track Listing:

1. Generation Rx
2. Self Help
3. Shadowboxer
4. Actual Pain
5. Prayers
6. Cold Song
7. Leech (feat. Sam Carter)
8. Better Demons
9. California (The Way I Say I Love You)

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Generation Rx is out now and can be bought and streamed via all major services.


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Good Charlotte - Generation Rx (BMG)
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