Album Review: Going Off – What Makes You Tick? (Self Released)

With 2 EP releases since their formation in December 2019 enigmatic hardcore punk band Going Off will now release their album, What Makes You Tick? on February 24th, 2023.

A snarling, snarky and sneering album. Going Off’s brand of hardcore punk isn’t quite as ‘cut and dry’ as that tag suggests. Even if all the elements are there. It’s abrasive and tetchy, but also draws from darker, more metal orientated areas. Notable from the growl and gurn of opener Much Love. A track with a nasty amount of stompy groove and hardcore fire but ends in bluesy crooning. How’s that for an opener?

Continuing with the crunchy instrumentation and coarse vocal style, Code of Conduct is a neck-breaker (with another unusual outro) and World to Witness is chaotic and really leans into more feral territories. Here, the outro, sees Going Off deliver eye-watering heaviness.

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The first third of the album all but confirms Going Off as a breath of fresh air in the hardcore punk scenes. Something that is given much more weight with the tempo shifts and uncouth aggression of Lowlife. Followed then by even more bad-mannered intensity with Premium Dreams. A track that really changes the tone and introduces spitfire rap-style vocals, with that raspy hostility still front and centre.



Do you feel up for moving? The pairing of Self-Hatred and Zoo aren’t suggesting it, they are demanding you get in the pit. Something most will feel compelled to do as Going Off’s vitriol is extremely infectious.

The latter part of the record doesn’t change the formula, but that’s no bad thing. Going Off delivering a sharp and short point with Black White Blue. Before delving into a more familiar hardcore sound with Ugly Heart, As anthemic as this album is going to get. Followed then by the pairing of Flesh Prison and In Heaven. The former is headbanging gold and the latter has some dark atmosphere layered amongst bristling intensity.

A classy blast of hardcore punk with a few twists and turns that makes it stand out from the pack. A strong debut release from Going Off.

Going Off – What Makes You Tick? Track Listing:

1. Much Love
2. Code of Conduct
3. World to Witness
4. Lowlife
5. Premium Dreams
6. Self-Hatred
7. Zoo
8. Black White Blue
9. Ugly Heart
10. Flesh Prison
11. In Heaven


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Going Off - What Makes You Tick? (Self Released)
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