Album Review: Godless Truth – Godless Truth (Transcending Obscurity Records)

Long-running Czech band Godless Truth have been around since the early ’90s but have gone from strength to strength with each album, imbibing influences that enhance their sound and make them more powerful and effective than ever before. Their extensive discography is about to be given a fresh injection with their brand-new, self-titled release. Out on March 4th, 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

A heathenly blast of technical death metal, Godless Truth don’t just bring the fire and brimstone on this new album. They bring a mastery of instrumentation that will make your eyes water. Just take one listen to The Decision. Where blistering heaviness meets old-school heavy metal guitar soloing and death-infused vocal screeches and roars.

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Elsewhere, we get a 44 second guitar medley of Glory to Desperation that serves as an intro to the brutalising Scissors. An absolute raging ball of fury that is Breathe Fire but for eye-watering extreme-ness, look no further than Bred in Greed. A track that encapsulates all that is great about this technical masterpiece. Where sharp riffing meets hooks that gut and the combination of pounding drum work clashes inordinately with guttural vocals and sudden, surprisingly eclectic sounding guitar soloing. An amazing sounding track.

There’s plenty more to enjoy though. The Eyechain is up there as one of the heaviest tracks on the album. The drumming, good gods, is it intense. RIP Cage has a gothic symphonic touch that really is unexpected but very cool to the ears. Before Wake Up to Obey wraps things up in brutal, no-nonsense, death metal style.

A ear-busting banger of an album.

Godless Truth – Godless Truth Full Track Listing:

1. Wheels of Entity
2. The Decision
3. Glory To Desperation
4. Scissors
5. Breathe Fire
6. Fortune Time
7. Bred In Greed
8. The Eyechain
9. RIP Cage
10. Wake Up To Obey


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Godless Truth - Godless Truth (Transcending Obscurity Records)
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