Album Review: Glasya – Heaven’s Demise (Pride & Joy Music)

Glasya are a Portuguese symphonic metal band consisting of several members of the Portuguese metal scene, Eduarda Soeiro (also on Nightdream), Davon Van Dave (former Urban Tales, former Shadowsphere), Bruno Prates (former Enchantya), Manuel Pinto (former Enchantya), Bruno Ramos (former My Deception) and Hugo Esteves as founder.

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In 2018 they introduced their first single and video clip in entitled ‘Heaven’s Demise’ and since that date has had a year made up of great achievements.

Now, on July 12th 2019, they will release their debut album ‘Heaven’s Demise’ via the German label Pride & Joy Music. The album was mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias at The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers Studios, who worked with bands such as Moonspell, Bizarra Locomotiva, Gwydion etc. The album also features the participation of four guests, the voices of Paulo Gonçalves from Rasgo, Flávio Lino from Deadlyforce, Nélson Raposo, a voice-over professional, and violinist Inna Calori.

In the vein of the symphonic metal bands like Epica and Kamelot, Glasya’s debut album promises to be another heavyweight entry in the modern symphonic metal scene. Impressively well produced, it’s as clean as you could possibly hope an album with this many layers to be.

Perfectly clear epic metal, it’s the title track and previously released single that kicks the album off. An excellent choice as a starting point as it is just so bombastic. Weighty riffs, huge sounding symphonic elements, clean operatic style vocals and much more combine to give you that soul-lifting and punch the air feeling.

The rich bassy boom to that track and most of what follows is a major plus point of the album but it’s far from alone. The vocals are very impressive with a huge amount of range. The symphonic elements aren’t overdone either, clearly present but enhancing the guitar riffing and soloing rather than being the main focus. This makes the likes of Coronation of a Beggar, Eternal Winter and The Last Dying Sun so very listenable. They’re up there as the best of modern symphonic metal and certainly vying for a place at the top table.

At 10 tracks and 50 minutes long, it’s the perfect length. Giving us more then enough to enjoy but never getting boring. No easy task, considering the relatively samey nature of symphonic metal.

Glasya have nailed their debut and off the back of this should be able to make some serious ground in a sub-genre that isn’t the easiest to break into. It’s time to start embracing the new breed of symphonic metal bands and Glasya are one that everyone should be paying attention too.

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Glasya – Heaven’s Demise Full Track Listing:

1. Heaven’s Demise
2. Ignis Sanctus
3. Coronation of A Beggar
4. Glasya
5. Eternal Winter
6. Birth of An Angel
7. The Last Dying Sun
8. Neverland
9. No Exit From Myself
10. A Thought of You


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Glasya - Heaven's Demise (Pride & Joy Music)
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