Album Review: Gladden Fields – Tower Of The Moon (Self Released)

UK ghostly ambient black metal project, Gladden Fields have released their debut album, Tower of the Moon. Evoking an ethereal sense of place from which the project takes its name, this is a solitary march through a sonic landscape.



The project’s own description above of what Gladden Fields’ sound is like should give you plenty of insight into what you can expect to hear on this album. What it doesn’t set you up for though is just how oppressive and haunting it is. Filled with depth, Nocturnal Fear is a classy opener that conjures up images of a final last stand against death. Deep in some cave, awaiting the arrival of your doom.

After such a start, the title track takes things back a step with moody melody that eats away at the mind making you feel completely alone. That is the underlying feeling that accompanies you throughout the five tracks here. One of loneliness. One of coldness and darkness. There is no light, nothing to guide you or warm your soul. You trudge on until you seemingly can’t anymore as Woven Grave and The Black Chasm prove to be the soundtrack to the end. Or at least it seems that way…

In a surprising but not unwelcome finish, Hidden Fortress is a little more upbeat and lighter. The melody being heavily influenced by a flute giving it a folk-feel. This conjures up images of stepping out into warmth and fresh air, a far-cry from the previous four tracks. A sweet finish, none the less.

Gladden Fields 2

Gladden Fields – Tower of the Moon Full Track Listing:

1. Nocturnal Fear
2. Tower of the Moon
3. Woven Grave
4. The Black Chasm
5. Hidden Fortress

You can order the album over on Bandcamp.


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Gladden Fields - Tower Of The Moon (Self Released)
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