Album Review: Gen and the Degenerates – ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA (Marshall Records)

Alt-punk collective Gen and the Degenerates will release their much-anticipated debut album ‘ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA’ on February 23rd, 2024, via Marshall Records.

If there’s one thing everyone needs to know about Gen and the Degenerates upon first listening, it is that they write from a serious angle, but pepper their music with fun and humorous elements. The end result is almost always something acutely anthemic, but also something that has a lot of depth.

Drawing from New York-style punk and post-punk sounds, but with a distinct British twist, the album begins in hot fashion with the punk-rocker and body shaker that is Kids Wanna Dance. A track that speaks about generations that have become numb to the never-ending parade of problems that exist in the world. It just gets better and better from this point too.

First, with the weird and wacky Girls! A track that celebrates the quirks girls have with a queer slant. The vocals are really well delivered here, but it’s the experimental instrumental touches that really make this one to remember. Then there is the title track, and those Britishisms really come through. One of the more ‘on the nose’ tracks, lyrically, but also one of the most infectious tracks of all.

Taking aim at the mess of online discourse, something that never stops being relevant sadly, with the brilliant That’s Enough Internet for Today. There’s so much to enjoy in this track, and it’s a great reminder of Gen and the Degenerates alternative ways. They are on an island alone musically, but they’re inviting everyone to the party.

Case in point, the sensible rock hit that is All Figured Out, after all, isn’t that what most of us want, right? I may be nearing 40, have been in the same career for over 20 years, been married for over a decade, have a grown-up son, and I’m still wondering what I should do when I grow up. The point is… we’re all still trying to figure it out as best we can.

Plan B (Interlude) is a stripped back effort that puts focus on the vocals, with some heartening melodies sitting in the background. Before Famous has Gen and the Degenerates getting quite contemptuous about celebrity culture and BIG HIT SINGLE lives up to its tongue in cheek name by being a big sarcastic hit. The guitars are sounding so good here.

Still delivering unrivalled fun through the medium of creative catchiness, Gen and the Degenerates hit another high with the awesome Post-Cool. After all, isn’t trend-chasing kind of embarrassing? The smile that has been on your face only gets wider.

Then, along comes Jude’s Song, and while the smile might stay, it’s a bit more strained. That’s because this closing track is emotionally charged, as it is a tribute to Gen’s late aunt. One that reworks the familiar opening line of The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’. It’s a very pretty track and ends this album with a powerful exclamation point.

This finale having such deep emotion and personal meaning doesn’t override the fact that the majority of ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA is a ton of fun. Entertaining from beginning to end, showcasing musical creativity and depth, and proving to be so listenable, it will be on most playlists all year long.

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Gen and the Degenerates – ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA Track Listing:

1. Kids Wanna Dance
2. Girls! (Ft. Uninvited)
3. Anti-Fun Propaganda
4. That’s Enough Internet for Today
5. All Figured Out
6. Plan B (Interlude)
7. Famous
9. Post-Cool
10. Jude’s Song


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Gen and the Degenerates - ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA (Marshall Records)
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