Album Review: Gandalf’s Owl – Who’s The Dreamer? (Club Inferno Ent.)

Gandalf’s Owl play music that you might call progressive ambient rock, but there are also sprinklings of ‘old-time’ electronica and epic psychedelic influences that widen the sound palette. A trip into the essences of the unknown showing the talent of the well-known Heimdall singer, Gandolfo Ferro. Who’s the Dreamer will be out on January 4th 2019 via Club Inferno Ent.



There is a story-like/fairy-tale like quality to Gandalf’s Owl, one that gives Who’s the Dreamer an airy, light and bright quality. On the one hand it is an unusual mix of ambient atmospheres and electronica beats while on the other it sound’s tailor-made for a movie or video game.

This is really highlighted on the opener, Winterfell before A Dwarf in the Lodge Part 1 gives us some guitar and A Dwarf in the Lodge Part 2 adds some vocals to the mix. It’s all very different and all very hit and miss.

I like the ambience and I like some of the dream like effects but it all feels smashed together making it lack coherence. After going for subtly, we then get something akin to horror with Garmbozia’s sharp tones and eerie noises. It’s unexpected and continues into Between Two Worlds which slowly transforms into a space-heavy number that really doesn’t work.

Peacefulness then comes next in the form of White Arbour. The sound of gulls and waves alongside soft ambience is hypnotic and the highlight of the album. Although Sunset by the Moon is pretty damn good too.

There’s some great stuff on Who’s the Dreamer but there is also some pretty average stuff too. The good does outweigh the bad thankfully and if you’re looking for a imaginative and intriguing listen then you can’t go wrong with this record.

Owl 1

Gandalf’s Owl – Who’s the Dreamer? Full Track Listing:

1. Winterfell
2. A Dwarf in the Lodge Part 1
3. A Dwarf in the Lodge Part 2
4. Garmobozia
5. Between Two Worlds
6. White Arbour
7. Sunset By the Moon
8. Coming Home
9. Il Vento la Notte il Cielo

Who’s the Dreamer? will be available via Bandcamp and you can keep up to date with news over on Facebook.


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Gandalf's Owl - Who's The Dreamer? (Club Inferno Ent.)
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