Album Review: Fuzigish – Fuzigish (Mongrel Records)

Iconic South African punk rockers Fuzigish will release their self-titled album on the 29th April 2022 via Mongrel Records. The band’s 6th full-length album, it also marks the band’s 25th anniversary.

How do you capture 25 years of iconic punk-rock yet also sound like there are another couple of decades to come? If you’re Fuzigish, do what you do best and deliver an album of punk-rock highs that have eclectic moments, thrilling energy, believable honesty, and passionate emotionality.

It’s always interesting to see when a band chooses to throw out the ‘self-titled’ album and there’s no better time when you’re celebrating a quarter of a century of being a band. Though, that’s certainly not going to be enough and happily, Fuzigish cater to all your punk rock needs in 2022 but in a far less predictable way.

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Oh, there’s no confusing Fuzigish’s sound with anything else, but it’s also not an album that feels laboured and just going through the motions. Tracks like This Is What I Know, No Regrets, Believer, Man Down and It Goes Like That showcase an array of instrumental oddities that give this a more relaxed and ska-esqe tone.

You can groove and you can dance, but you can also sit, chill, and tap the feet and fingers to the many memorable and catchy beats that the album has.

25 years… on this album’s showing we can hope for at least another 25 afterwards.

Fuzigish – Fuzigish Full Track Listing:

1. Persistence
2. This is What I Know
3. No Regrets
4. N.S.D.P
5. The Writings on the Wall
6. Redefine
7. Believer
8. Man Down
9. Go
10. No Wrong No Right
11. Saddle Up
12. It Goes Like That


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Fuzigish - Fuzigish (Mongrel Records)
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