Album Review: Funerary Bell – Undead Revelations (Saturnal Records)

Undead Revelations is the new album from black metal band Funerary Bell & is out on February 23rd 2018 via Saturnal Records.

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9 tracks of depressing & introspective blackness, Funerary Bell aren’t just about heaviness, instead using the death march like sound of the guitars & the clean, dulcet vocal tones to deliver shockingly bleak sounding metal.

Opening track, Birth – Come Undone is the soundtrack to a cold, winter funeral while Goat of Mendes delivers a faster, more groove-orientated track with nasty, hellish vocals dragging the hard rock riffs along. The latter of the two even throws out a blazing old-school guitar solo briefly.

It’s not quite funeral levels but it’s certainly leaning in that direction. What makes it different are the death metal bursts & flashes of hard rocking solos. Tracks like The World Became Flesh providing crushing heaviness with fiery drum beats & deafening vocals, Revelation: Pt II with its brutal tempo changes & desperate screaming and the devilishly imaginative Tree on the Planet Grave.

A unique listen ends on the defining album track, Spectral Moonchild. A song filled with gothic rhythm, head-banging metal & slithery rock riffs & solos. An impressive finish to a very impressive album.

Funerary Bell 2

Funerary Bell – Undead Revelations Full Track Listing:

1. Birth – Come Undone
2. Goat of Mendes
3. The Word Became Flesh
4. Hermetica
5. Mantra
6. Revelation Pt. II
7. Anima Eterna
8. Tree on The Planet Grave
9. Spectral Moonchild

You can order the album here and find out more about the band on Facebook.

Funerary Bell - Undead Revelations (Saturnal Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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