Album Review: Frostveil – Ephemeral Visions (Dark Adversary Productions)

Formed as a dark aural diary intended as the interpreter of all things melancholic and mysterious lurking in the deep, dark corners of the mind of Frostveil, the sole member behind this project. Frostveil utilizes a unique brand of eerie and haunting yet deeply emotional black metal to portray each and every obscure feeling, story and experience gained throughout his life.

The debut album ‘Ephemeral Visions’ was released on March 28th 2019. The CD version is via Dark Adversary Productions.

Frostveil 2

A wonderfully dark and emotional intro comes in the form of Echoes of Inexistence before giving way to ferocious black metal. Albeit one with a constant undercurrent of emotion. As if the solo artist behind Frostveil is on the verge of tears with every note, riff and guttural roar.

Valiance 05:12 is fast and heavy with roaring bleakness throughout, a short track by comparison to Tormented by Life. A track that sees him team up with Josh Gee for an incredible black metal epic. Good gods, is this an amazing track. Brutal and heavy but dripping in haunting emotion.

The welcoming coldness spreads deeper into the soul with Orlok before Longing offers some minor relief thanks to the constant switch between blackness and melody. Utterly spelling-binding stuff though.

It’s another 10 minute wonder with Writhing in Tender Anguish, the pace kept intense and beautifully dark up until the final few minutes where gorgeous melody takes over for a brief lull.

A short melodic interlude in the form of Tranquil Reflections is really welcome at this stage. Giving us a moment to breathe and prepare for the final double black metal assault of the title track and Salvation. The former one of the more morose and pained sounding tracks while the latter a pulse pounding slab of fury layered with beauty.

An album of the year contender ends with Descent of the Final Cold, a haunting and emotive outro that just confirms Frostveil as being something very special.

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Frostveil – Ephemeral Visions Full Track Listing:

1. Echoes of Inexistence
2. Valiance 05:12
3. Tormented by Life (Feat. Josh Gee)
4. Orlok
5. Longing
6. Writhing in Tender Anguish
7. Tranquil Reflections
8. Ephemeral Visions (Feat. Chris Gebauer)
9. Salvation
10. Descent of the Final Cold




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Frostveil - Ephemeral Visions (Dark Adversary Productions)
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