Album Review: Foot – The Balance of Nature Shifted (Copper Feast Records)

Desert/stoner rockers Foot will release ‘The Balance of Nature Shifted’ on May 1st 2020 via Copper Feast Records. The follow-up to Foot’s acclaimed second album ‘Buffalo’, a vinyl release is slated for August.

Starting heavy and on the front ‘foot’, Despair on Hope Street is a miserable sounding opener. The mournful vocals having much more in common with the likes of grunge but a grand accompaniment to the more upbeat riffs.

Dusty groove, the desert vibes are strong in E-Sports and it’s an early highlight of just how much of a body-moving album The Balance of Nature Shifted is overall.

However, Foot are also very capable of taking their ‘foot’ off the gas and delivering a more sombre listen as is the case with the moody Green Embers. Slow, yet very natural sounding, when the band hit hard, they really hit hard.

The grungy sounds the band has is prominent on Ride it Out before Investment and Break the Altar (Light/Shade) changes tact with catchy, somewhat progressive foot-tappers that extends the imagination Foot have already shown.

A wicked drum beat/guitar melody combo makes Neighbours really stand out as something different this late in the album’s runtime. A welcome ear-wormer of a track, especially as Manic Progression’s airy, blues-tinged sound is so mellow at first it could put you to sleep. If you are drifting off though, be warned, it gets heavy.

Finally, it’s High that leads us out to rest in a lovely warm meadow where the clouds drift by and Foot’s music is the accompaniment.

Foot – The Balance of Nature Shifted Full Track Listing:

1. Despair on Hope Street
2. E-Sports
3. Green Embers
4. Ride It Out
5. Investment
6. Break the Altar (Light/Shade)
7. Neighbours
8. Manic Progression
9. High




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Foot - The Balance of Nature Shifted (Copper Feast Records)
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