Album Review: Fleshpress – Hulluuden Muuri (Self Released)

Hulluuden Muuri, the latest album from doomsters, Fleshpress is available now on CD or digital download. The LP will released on July 14th 2017.

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Hulluuden Muuri is 5 tracks of progressive & brutal doom-infused black metal. The album is incredibly moody, very uncomfortable sounding. Opening song Lunastuksen Ajan Veren Riitti has a wailing guitar sound that is like screaming ,the disjointed sound is very unsettling.

The ambient sounds that echo through the mind for the first 2 plus minutes of Hulluuden Viiltävä Lasipinta continues the unsettling feelings. That it leads into a jagged beat, slow & methodical doesn’t lift the morose thoughts at all. It’s very moody & The evilness increases when the vocals come in.

Hulluuden Muuri is an album that is very much a statement of fury. Oikeamieliset is even darker sounding. A short impactful ambient track with horror style effects. The echoing shouting vocals really hit hard.

The doom really goes up a notch (if such a thing was possible) on Siintävän Totuuden Häikäisevä Kajo, the blend of black riffs & distant vocals really having impact. It’s slow & heavy but the ambience really adds a lot to it otherwise it might just sound poorly produced.

It ends on Voiman Täydellinen Toteutuminen, a 12 plus minute finale. Furious riffing & drumming, constant like a nail being hammered into your head. If you’ve not enjoyed the album so far, this isn’t going to make much difference.

Hulluuden Muuri is heavy & incredibly unsettling but it is addictive listening.

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Fleshpress – Hulluuden Muuri Full Track Listing:

1. Lunastuksen Ajan Veren Riitti
2. Hulluuden Viiltävä Lasipinta
3. Oikeamieliset
4. Siintävän Totuuden Häikäisevä Kajo
5. Voiman Täydellinen Toteutuminen

You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp as well as earlier music & check out the band over on Facebook.


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Fleshpress - Hulluuden Muuri (Self Released)
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