Album Review: Fleshbore – Embers Gathering (Innerstrength Records)

Tech-Death crew Fleshbore made their debut in 2017. Independently releasing two EPs, including the latest installment. Malignancy, in 2018. They will release their full-length debut album ‘Embers Gathering’ on August 13th, 2021 on Innerstrength Records.

What a start Momentum is. The opening melody and post-heaviness don’t scream tech-death at all then, out of nowhere, Fleshbore absolutely erupt with a frenzied ferocity that will make your ears bleed, your eyes water and your sphincter tighten. It really is that intense.

With the surprise out of the way, it’s technical death metal carnage with the monstrous Careless Preacher and devastating Cynicism. The latter’s use of group shouted vocals is awesome. Whereas the following The Scourge is all about the variety in the guitar sound. Although some nasty grind-esqe vocals don’t do it any harm either.

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A burst of speed and wackiness turns the title track into one of the most unusual and highly technical tracks on the album. Before Revivified and One Thousand Hands make the case for Fleshbore’s tech-death to be given the attention it deserves. The former, a meaty slab of heaviness to leave the brain matter dripping. The latter, complex and captivating technical brutality. The perfect showcase of just what Fleshbore are capable of.

Fleshbore – Embers Gathering Track Listing:

1. Momentum
2. Careless Preacher
3. Cynicism
4. The Scourge
5. Embers Gathering
6. Revivified
7. One Thousand Hands


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Fleshbore - Embers Gathering (Innerstrength Records)
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