Album Review: Flèche – Do Not Return Fire (Krod Records)

Flèche from Paris, France are four fans of The Get Up Kids having each previously played in a bunch of bands and now trying to mix the thick rock and harmonies of Alice in Chains with the technical pop of Minus the Bear.

Their second album, Do Not Return Fire, will be released on May 3rd 2019 via Krod Records.

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Feel good pop-rock melodies, high energy riffs and uplifting harmonies are just a few important elements that are ever present throughout Flèche’s sophomore album. From the bouncy start of Gold and Black to the more mellow middle of Long Before and the catchy groove of Overnight Overboard, Flèche impress.

It’s not going to set the pop-rock world alight but for what it is, its good fun and the band clearly have talent. Particularly when it comes to creating interesting rock harmonies such as found on Wait, Sit, Listen. Easily one of the most foot tapping and head nodding tracks on the album.

Then there is the slightly more sombre rhythm of New Sun, the defiance of Invincible and the sing-along of Weather Boxes. These are a trio that we suggest you check out to see what Flèche have to offer.

It’s a good album.

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Flèche – Do Not Return Fire Full Track Listing:

1. Gold and Black
2. Better or Worse
3. Wait, Sit, Listen
4. Not a Single Thing
5. New Sun
6. Pretend/Forget
7. Long Before
8. Invincible
9. Weather Boxes
10. A Thousand Crashes
11. People & Empty Spaces
12. Overnight Overboard



Head over Krod Records to find out more and order the album. Check out Flèche’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.


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Flèche - Do Not Return Fire (Krod Records)
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