Album Review: Firewind – Stand United (AFM Records)

Hard rock power metal titans Firewind are back with their brand-new studio offering ‘Stand United’, out on March 1, 2024, via AFM Records.

When I say that we know exactly what we’re getting with Firewind, that’s not meant in any negative way. It simply means they have honed their craft and continue to deliver recognisable tunes associated with who they are. Stand United isn’t going to set the world aflame, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a hell of listen.

The hard rock tinged with power vibes is strong from the start with the riffy Salvation Day. An early anthem that features a blood-pumping chorus, that each and every listener will feel compelled to sing along to. It’s a high bar, but Firewind have many a big head-banger to share on this album.

Take the thumping and groovy rhythm of the title track as another great example of this album’s vibrancy. Or Destiny is Called with its chunky hooks, screaming guitar solo, and ‘call to arm’ vocals. Destiny is indeed calling, and Firewind are demanding that you answer with a rallying cry.

It’s time for some wicked guitar groove though as Firewind drop the tempo slightly, but pack The Power Lies Within with riffs. Another stupidly infectious track on an album of infectious hit. Which is why Come Undone is such a lovable track (love those synthy touches) and it’s why Fallen Angel continues to keep the spirits high. As I said, there’s nothing ‘new’ here, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a blast.

That being said, Chains falls a bit flat. Lacking the bite, lacking an interesting hook, and lacking the sense of freshness that has come so far. It’s here, that the Firewind sound, starts to be a little bit samey. A problem that slightly affects Land of Chaos, but Firewind pull it back with a bit more fire in their bellies and by smashing the riffs again.

The album then ends on a high with the rocking tribute to the likes of Van Halen that is Talking in Your Sleep. Before Days of Grace wraps up the album with a bit more of an epic stance, and has ballad-lite touches. A cool ending to a cool album. It’s a Firewind release through and through. Which is never going to be a bad thing, even if it doesn’t quite thrill.

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Firewind – Stand United Track Listing:

1. Salvation Day
2. Stand United
3. Destiny is Calling
4. The Power Lies Within
5. Come Undone
6. Fallen Angel
7. Chains
8. Land of Chaos
9. Talking in Your Sleep
10. Days of Grace


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Firewind - Stand United (AFM Records)
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