Album Review: Faith No More – Sol Invictus (Reclamation Recordings)

Has it really been so long?

It’s been 18 years since Faith No More last released an album, most thought they were done except for a string of reunion dates here & there…yet here we are.

A band known for its unique style, Faith No More have little to prove to a modern audience yet with Sol Invictus they are clearly out to prove that they are still as relevant as ever.

The self-titled opener opts for a slow piano driven melody with Billy Gould spoken words that drifts into singer Mike Patton’s glorious singing voice. It’s a comfortable start but not one that instantly blows you away.

That can’t be said for Superhero, possibly one Faith No More’s best songs ever. It’s energetic, catchy & filled to the brim with memorable moments. It’s a song that just gets better & better as it goes on. If you want to hear how good modern Faith No More can be than listen to this song.

Sunny Side Up is a wonderfully catchy song that wouldn’t have been out of place on Album of the Year 18 years ago. A song that really showcases just how each member of Faith No More contributes to the band.

“Come on ride my wave!”

The bass heaviness of Separation Anxiety mixed with the whispered, creepy like vocals adds a gothic touch that really stands out on the album. The song picks up speed near the end & becomes a lot more aggressive.

A lone guitar introduces Cone of Shame before other instruments slowly join in. The military style drumming, the soft guitar melody….add some really dark lyrics & the spoken word moments that lead into some of Faith No More’s heavier work & you have a really classic song.

Rise of the Fall brings things back to a more steady pace focusing on Mike Patton’s excellent singing voice. The different elements spread throughout keeps you on your toes & no 2 parts seem to sound the same. A sudden increase in tempo (including some death metal style vocals) finishes as quickly as it begun before returning to a more subtle tune.

A catchy melody welcomes Black Friday, a song completely about consumerism. It’s well written if not exactly inspiring compared to what has come before.

Motherfucker…the first song the band released when this album was first announced is as unique sounding as it was the first time. Faith No More has always had strong keyboard sections & great backing vocals but this song really shows it off. It’s not as simple as it first seems.

It’s impossible to not love Mike Patton crooning “Hello Motherfucker” as if he’s singing a love song.

Matador, probably the best song on the album & also a contender for one of the best Faith No More songs ever. Just keyboards alongside Patton’s unique vocals keeps the song going for the first minute & a half before everything picks up a gear. When it does though, it is quite possibly some of the most awe-inspiring stuff they’ve ever written.

“We will rise from the killing floor” sounds like a line about the band more than anything else.

Patton’s range is unbelievable here & this is a song every fan will want to hear live.

Faith No More’s latest album draws to a close with a smile rather than a sneer thanks to the excellent, From the Dead. A much more jaunty affair with some really attractive acoustic guitar melodies leading the song through to a finish you just don’t want to see come.

I listened to the album 3 times before attempting to write this review as there is so much going on in every song. Every listen revealed something new & at no point did I ever think…I don’t like that. 2 songs from this album might be the best songs Faith No More have ever written, the rest are all great songs.

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Faith No More - Sol Invictus (Reclamation Recordings)
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