Album Review: Extravasion – Origins of Magma (Self Released)

Formed in 2013, Extravasion are a French technical thrash metal band influenced by bands like Megadeth, Aspid, Vektor & Unleashed. Extravasion’s debut album, Origins of Magma is out now.

Extravasion 1

Extravasion’s 7 tracks of fast-paced, riff heavy thrash metal begins on a high point. The short winding melodic sound of Castle leads into old school sounds of Flames of Industry. It’s a heavy piece of thrash music with fast rolling drum beats, shouty vocals & an obligatory guitar solo.

The positive sound continues with the slamming bass heavy title track, Origins of Magma. Here, the drumming reaches new levels of intensity backed up with some seriously head-banging guitar riffs. For all its all school style, the album has its feet planted firmly in giving off a more modern take on thrash metal. The tempo changes, the small shifts in style & the differing vocal efforts all combine to make an exciting & fresh sounding record.

The jam session feel of Bankster is a highlight of the album. The disarray of the guitar riffs & the odd spoken word vocals mixed with death metal roars is very exciting stuff & its 8 minute run ends up feeling too short.

If there is one fault within Origins of Magma, it’s that 1 or two songs just kind of go by without making too much of an impression. Circle of Life & Consume are good, chunky sounding slabs of heavy metal but are just a bit too forgettable when held up against the likes of La Nuit.

As songs with imagination & style go, La Nuit is an impressive piece of music. Over 8 minutes of inventive guitar riffing & soloing mixed with a soft acoustic medley at the mid-point. The best song on the album.

Origins of Magma is a slamming piece of work with barely a foot put wrong. Check this out!

Extravasion 2

Extravasion – Origins of Magma Full Track Listing:

1. Castle
2. Flames of Industry
3. Origins of Magma
4. Circle of Life
5. Bankster
6. Consume
7. La Nuit

You can pick up Origins of Magma now over on Bandcamp as well as find out more about Extravasion on Facebook, Soundcloud & YouTube.

Extravasion - Origins of Magma (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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