Album Review: Ewigkeit – DISClose (Death To Music)

The British band Ewigkeit is set to release DISClose on 23 February 2019 digitally and on 23 March on CD via the label Death to Music.

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Ewigkeit is the ever-changing project of British multi-instrumentalist James Fogarty (In The Woods, Old Forest, Jaldaboath and others).  Starting off as a Black Metal project in the mid 90s, the project has veered from Symphonic Black Metal to Industrial to 70’s Space Rock and back again in the many years of it’s on/off existence. The project has dealt with various themes over this time – whatever has been the current interest of it’s creator.

DISClose is the 8th album and the theme of this album is inspired by the growing movement of modern Ufology and the push toward official testament and disclosure of an alien presence visiting our skies: “Beyond the Black Majestic coven of 12 lie the secrets of flying saucery – the time to Disclose the truth of the Alien presence on Earth is upon us.”

It’s interesting that the latest …In the Woods album was recorded at the same time as this. Seeing as it has much in common with that excellent record (read our review here) beyond sharing James Fogarty. DISClose is seven tracks of classic infused metal riffs, modern melodic highs and lows, doses of devious black metal and fiery extreme.

The end result is a harmonious set of tunes that excite, intrigue and impress.

1947 gets things started strongly with doomy percussion and filthy vocals that is far catchier then you might expect. It’s followed by the more groove-oriented title track with the clean vocals really soaring here.

The sci-fi ambience is turned up a notch with Oppenheimer’s Lament thanks to the keyboards. However, what everyone will remember about this excellent track is the thump of the drums and horrifying black metal vocals. A contender for the best track on the album.

Any thought that momentum might be dropping as we reach the halfway point is completely forgotten as we hit Guardians of the High Frontier. An epic in every sense of the word that you’ll get completely lost in.

Resonance then ups the evil with some of the most sinister effects heard so far, doom-like riffs and skin-crawling vocals. Thrilling and unique, KRILL and Moon Monolith then ensure we walk away from DISClose completely satisfied with two final moments of pressing heaviness, smart melodies and rhythmic extremism.

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Ewigkeit – DISClose Full Track Listing:

1. 1947
2. Disclosure
3. Oppenheimer’s Lament
4. Guardians of the High Frontier
5. Resonance
7. Moon Monolith

The album can be ordered here and more information can be found out via Ewigkeit’s Facebook Page.

Ewigkeit - DISClose (Death To Music)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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