Album Review: Everyday Heroes – A Tale of Sin & Sorrow (Self Released)

Released on the 5th June 2020, ‘A Tale of Sin & Sorrow’ sees Everyday Heroes stepping up to the plate and delivering a first class, full length studio release following 2016’s self-titled introduction, and 2017’s ‘The Other Side of Nowhere’ EPs.

The band explains the inspiration behind the album:

The inspiration for ‘A Tale of Sin and Sorrow’ came from research into the Camino Pilgrimage in Northwestern Spain, which Dan eventually undertook. Many of the albums’ themes and characters imagery draw a direct comparison to the wonderful mythology of this ancient expedition.

We knew early in we didn’t want to settle for reproducing the same sounds heard on our previous releases, so we placed a special focus on enriching the songs of this album with musical accouterments, to give them more life and colour than they may have had with only our expected instruments.

That opening guitar twang at the start of Texas Red will send a shiver or two down the spine. Devilishly bluesy rock, it’s a foot-taping and head-nod along of a start and a wicked guitar solo just caps it off.

Brush the dust off and get ready to boogie with Find My Way before Everyday Heroes up the speed for the energetic and super-catchy Standing Stones. They’re just getting started though as the rippling guitars and slight weathering to the vocals makes The Witch’s King another banger.

Nailing the blend of blues and rock, Everyday Heroes continues to impress with the thick riffs of Soul to Save, the shady groove of Victorious (Take My Chains) and ripping rhythm of All Outta Faith. Very laid-back rock music that will have wide appeal exemplified by the softer tone of The Crow.

Keeping things as fresh as possible as we enter the final stages of the album, a flurry of guitar hooks reignites the album with Breathe Again and West of Forever before Without A Throne ends things with some real melodrama. A good point to wrap things up before the album starts to sound too samey.

Everyday Heroes – A Tale of Sin & Sorrow Full Track Listing:

1. Texas Red
2. Find My Way
3. Standing Stones
4. The Witch’s King
5. Soul To Save
6. Victorious (Take My Chains)
7. All Outta Faith
8. The Crow
9. Breathe Again
10. West of Forever
11. Without A Throne


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Everyday Heroes - A Tale of Sin & Sorrow (Self Released)
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