Album Review: Esogenesi – Esogenesi (Transcending Obscurity Records)

Death/doom metal band Esogenesi have concocted a sublime blend that harnesses the power of death metal with the poignancy of doom metal, backed with an able, organic yet powerful sound that the band can call their own.

Their self titled album will be out on October 4th 2019 via Transcending Obscurity Records.



The dread…the warning of twisted things to come. It’s all here, grasping and tugging at the mind. Suffocating darkness that creeps in, filling every inch with nothing but horror. It’s utterly terrifying yet equally appealing. Putting it simply, you’ll want to give yourself over to the hellishness of Esogenesi’s death/doom combo.

The cold washes over with five lengthy tomes of doom-infused death metal, beginning slowly but in very heavy fashion with Abominio. Disgustingly bleak, the filth of the riffs coat everything giving it real depth and any tempo increases just serve to make the entire experience that much more horrifying.

There is but one ‘break’ as it were from the terrorising attack of Esogenesi and it comes slap bang in the middle with …Oltregenesi… A short guitar only effort at first that drips in fuzzy reverb. As it builds and builds, the drums enter sounding off a subtle beat and melody picks up in the background to give the track a much more complete sound.

Everything either side of it though sticks to the rigid formula of nasty doom heaviness and brutal death metal. Few won’t feel ice cold once they’ve experienced Esogenesi’s debut release.

Esogenesi – Esogenesi Full Track Listing:

1. Abominio
2. Decadimento Astrale
3. …Oltregenesi…
4. Esilio Nell’Extramondo
5. Incarnazione Della Conoscenza


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Esogenesi - Esogenesi (Transcending Obscurity Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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