Album Review: Escape Is Not Freedom/​dusK Village -Split (Self Released)

Hailing from Chicago, Escape Is Not Freedom will be releasing a split a self-titled, split cassette with fellow sludge/rock trio dusK Village on February 23, 2018.

Escape 2

This four track offering (two tracks from each band) opens with the rumbling & mood-altering Boiling Nails. A visceral combo of deep sludgy grunge & trippy vocals. It’s then followed by We’re Wrecked, a song that is quite different from the first offering. Featuring guest vocals from Emily Jancetic, it’s a much more sorrowful & melodic effort but one that delivers on good emotional groove.

Escape Is Not Freedom have set the bar with their two tracks. Both imaginative & impressive.

It’s a tough task for dusK Village to follow but having a much darker sound, they stand out. Two tracks of heavy sludge that has a blackened metal edge, especially within the vocals which have an other-worldly tone to them. Exolife Civilization Leak gets under the skin before A Self Fan’s faster & punkier edge caps off an impressive release.

Admittedly though it is a release that is all about Escape Is Not Freedom though. Their two tracks are what you’ll remember afterwards.

Escape 1

Escape Is Not Freedom – Escape Is Not Freedom Full Track Listing:

1. Boiling Nails (Escape Is Not Freedom)
2. We’re Wrecked (Escape Is Not Freedom)
3. Exolife Civilization Leak (dusK Village)
4. A Self Fan (dusK Village)

You can order the album now via Bandcamp. Find out more about Escape is not Freedom on Facebook and dusK Village on Facebook.

Escape Is Not Freedom/​dusK Village -Split (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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