Album Review: Eryn Non Dae – Abandon of the Self (Debemur Morti Productions)

Released on March 9th 2018 via Debemur Morti Productions, Abandon of the Self is the 4th album from French metallers, Eryn Non Dae (END).

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There is a fair amount of experimentation on Eryn Non Dae’s 4th record, the kind that doesn’t overshadow the punishing heaviness that is constantly breaking through. The opening track, Astral sows the seeds early, with haunting ambience layered over a visceral and crunching style of metal.

Dipping in and out of a number of sub-genres, it’s a challenging album. Stellar gives listeners a healthy dose of darkness, Omni’s spoken word start is underlined with aggression and Eclipse is out and out heavy.

The complexity of the song-writing all added to the brutality of the rhythm makes for an engaging and exhausting listen. The force of the dynamic vocal range and the intense level of guitar manipulation will stick with you long afterwards.

Most tracks going well over the 6-minute mark with Halo proving to be an incredible effort from the inventive band. While despair isn’t at the forefront of the release, there is no escaping the melancholy feel of the album. It won’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside but you will be impressed!

Eryn Non Dae – Abandon of the Self Full Track Listing:

1. Astral
2. Stellar
3. Omni
4. Eclipse
5. Halo
6. Fragment
7. Abyss

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You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp and find out more by checking out their website. Support them by liking their Facebook, following them on Instagram and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.

Eryn Non Dae - Abandon of the Self (Debemur Morti Productions)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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