Album Review: Erra – Cure (UNFD)

A new era for Erra begins. Erra, Guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash, vocalist J.T. Cavey, drummer Alex Ballew, bassist Conor Hesse, and guitarist Clint Tustin will release their sixth album, ‘Cure’, on April 5th, 2024, via UNFD.

New era, same brilliance from Erra. Cure is not so far removed from what has made this band so beloved as to isolate long-term fans, but it is a fresh direction for the progressive metalcore band. One that puts a lot more groove at the front, all while delivering layers of exciting technicality, and turning impossible anthems into the most memorable things ever. From beginning to end, Cure excites and delights, but it also challenges.

It needed to be this way too, as six albums in and the metalcore scene sounding extremely oversaturated, Erra can’t rest on their laurels.

Thankfully, they are more than game to do things a bit differently, and the end result is one of their strongest releases to date. One that captivates because of the passionate heaviness, emotive melody, and emphatic progressive nature. There is no stopping Erra’s march to world domination, and this new album has it all.

Erra fans know this though already, the question is if Cure has the ability to draw in even more. Which isn’t as clearcut as you might first think. The musical spectrum that Erra cross here is large, and with this much variety, comes differing results. The faster, heavier, and groovier efforts will please some. The eccentric progressive detail in others will please some. The deep melodic efforts will please some. Those who find all these ideas to their taste, may be harder to find.

The level of creativity coming from Erra on this album can’t be faulted though. You can feel just how much effort has gone into making Cure both cohesive and chaotic. Every track has something to offer, and everyone will have their own favourite. It never bores, it never lacks impact, and it never fails to get the mind working to unpick the detail. Which just makes the whole thing have such replay value. On first listen, you’ll take away a lot, but on multiple listens? That’s where the detail is and Erra are all about the detail.

Erra’s new era comes with lofty expectations, and most will come away very satisfied by what they have done here. It is a big undertaking, and having the album captivate as it does, is one hell of an accomplishment. There’s a lot to take in here, but the payoff makes it more than worthwhile.

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Erra – Cure Track Listing:

1. Cure
2. Rumor of Light
3. Idle Wild
4. Blue Reverie
5. Slow Sour Bleed
6. Wish
7. Glimpse
8. Past Life Persona
9. Crawl Backwards Out of Heaven
10. End to Excess
11. Pale Iris
12. Wave


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Erra - Cure (UNFD)
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