Album Review: Equaleft – We Defy (Raising Legends/Raging Planet)

Equaleft are a groove metal band from Portugal who released their new album ‘We Defy’ on February 1st 2019 via Raising Legends and Raging Planet.

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Groove metal is quite encompassing so putting your finger on just what it is or what bands fall into that category is not easy. We tend to see it as bands that get the body moving as much as the head banging. That’s Equaleft. A heavy as balls metal band with rhythms that get the body shaking.

We Defy is their new album, 11 tracks of crunchy and body-shaking metal. Energetic riffing, filthy heaviness and plenty of brutality too. All while staying incredibly groovy. Once Upon A Sunrise, the title track and Overcoming are three that showcase the best of what Equaloft have in their tank.

Whereas the likes of Mindset and Strive give us some of the heaviest, most intense and downright nasty sounding tracks of a good album. Its flaws lie in repetition, less of an issue later into the album funny enough. It’s not just just all heavy riffs and angry speed within We Defy which is why it really ‘ahem’ gets into its groove as we get deeper into it.

The doom-like heaviness at the start of Realign is great and even when it kicks into full gear it stills holds the attention thanks to the slower pace. Whereas Disconnected is circle pit chaos and Uncover the Masks is such an oddity with these screeching jazz-like notes peppered amongst the frantic metal.

Great stuff.

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Equaleft – We Defy Full Track Listing:

1. Before Sunrise
2. Once Upon A Failure
3. We Defy
4. Mindset
5. Endless
6. Strive
7. Overcoming
8. Fragments
9. Realign
10. Disconnected
11. Uncover The Masks




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Equaleft - We Defy (Raising Legends/Raging Planet)
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