Album Review: Emperors of the Wasteland – Begin (Self Released)

Emperors of the Wasteland will release their debut album, Begin on September 21st 2018. Formed in 2016, this Derby based hard rock band is a groove-oriented, blues-based rock band with a stoner edge and an image styled around a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque theme.

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The atmospheric Faire Le Mort opens the album in slow and moody fashion before Under the Skin shows off some groove. Rocking riffing, a bit of a snarl in the vocals and thumping bass bring plenty of excitement after such a dour start.

That same edge is brought forward in the catchy Zodiac and the energy in Emperors of the Wasteland’s rock stays consistent up until the title track. There, they take things down, low and dirty for a straight-forward stoner groove-fest.

These slower tempo tunes are smartly layered throughout the nine track album meaning they never disrupt the flow of the faster, more upbeat tunes. Although it is the latter that stand out thank to the band’s immense talent in dishing out memorable rock music.

It’s safe to say that Emperors of the Wasteland have risen from the ashes of the likes of Black Spiders but they have more then enough about them to mask much of the comparisons. Though when you listen to the likes of Burn, the same foot-tapping rock and feel-good chorus are ever present.

It’s not perfect but it’s still a very good release from this young band.

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Emperors of the Wasteland – Begin Full Track Listing:

1. Faire Le Mort
2. Under the Skin
3. Zodiac
4. See You Again
5. Begin
6. Mickey Finn
7. Hand on Heart
8. Burn
9. Whiskey and Pills

You can find out more and pick up Emperors of the Wasteland’s music over on their website. Keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter and subscribing to their YouTube Channel.


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Emperors of the Wasteland - Begin (Self Released)
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