Album Review: Electric Callboy – Tekkno (Century Media Records)

Formed in 2010, Electric Callboy (formerly Eskimo Callboy) have made plenty of noise in their first decade of existence, winning awards, achieving top ten charting, recently selling out shows for the Hypa Hypa European show (over 60,000 tickets sold), but judging by the band’s successes over the past two years, that was just the prelude. Since Electric Callboy singer, Nico Sallach, joined the band in 2020, the Castrop-Rauxel natives have become a worldwide sensation.

The incredible journey the band has been on continues come September 9th, 2022, with the release of their brand-new album, Tekkno. Out via Century Media Records.

Such is the bankable name of Electric Callboy, there’s immediate confidence that Tekkno will be jammed packed with energy. That most, if not all the tracks, will have an anthemic quality and their hardcore fanbase will continue to grow and grow.

Then Pump It starts, and Electric Callboy prove that every positive word said about this band is undeniably true. An apt title as this is a track that will literally get you pumped up. Put it on first thing in the morning and you’ll be raring to go. The electronica-infused ‘core’ sound is pure energetic fun and that’s just the start.

If the blood isn’t already thumping loudly in your veins, We Got the Moves will do the job. The spectacular and upbeat shout along is eccentric and exciting. A sure-fire hit in the live environment. Though there’s no arguing with the intensity of Fuckboi, a track that features an impressive collaboration with Conquer Divide and delivers a rousing chorus.

It’s another classy collab with Spaceman as Finch pops in to help craft an electrifying combination of effects, rap, and metal. All wrapped up in that unforgettable Electric Callboy anthemic style. Expect the unexpected with a tracks like this as it also delivers a chaotic and brilliantly produced breakdown.

With a cinematic touches, Mindreader takes first place for being the most exceptionally heavy track on the album. Chaotic and boisterous, the soaring chorus is just the cherry on top of one hell of a song. Impossibly listenable, incredibly well put together and just as importantly, such an anthem.

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That word might be overused when talking about Tekkno but for good reason. This really is an album that is packed with them. Songs that sound immense on record and you know will sound even bigger at a live show. Especially as the energy is kept at such a constant high. There’s not a single person in the world who isn’t moving to Arrow of Love, Parasite or Tekkno Train. Even if you turn your nose up at the thought of electronica in your metal, Electric Callboy are so exciting, no-one can complain.

Even something like Hurrikan, with its retro synth and German-sung vocals, like an eighties disco-pop reject, is just so much fun. Then it transforms into an astonishing showcase of deathcore. All this in 100 seconds of music. It’s simply genius writing.

Which does mean the finale of Neon comes with a certain sense of sadness as the album is about to end.

…but what an end it is. Electric Callboy deliver one of their grandest sounding tracks ever. Ending this incredible album in stunning style. What a hit this band has on their hands. Massive crossover appeal, eclectic and danceable but undeniably heavy and concentrated. It is brilliant.

Electric Callboy – Tekkno Full Track Listing:

1. Pump It
2. We Got the Moves
3. Fuckboi (feat. Conquer Divide)
4. Spaceman (feat. Finch)
5. Mindreader
6. Arrow Of Love
7. Parasite
8. Tekkno Train
9. Hurrikan
10. Neon


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Electric Callboy – Tekkno (Century Media Records)
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