Album Review: Dystopian Future Movies – War of the Ether (Septaphonic Records)

Eclectic and eccentric genre-blending band, Dystopian Future Movies will release their third studio album ‘War of the Ether’, worldwide via Septaphonic Records on Friday, 7th October 2022.

Having wowed us in 2020 with their second album, Inviolate, Dystopian Future Movies goes even further with War of the Ether. An album that, lyrically, dives into the scandal surrounding the former Catholic-run Tuam Mother & Baby Home in Ireland. Something incredibly close to home as songwriter Caroline Cawley hails from the country.

The dark and emotional nature of the record is immediately felt with the bleak poetry that sits at the start of She from Up the Drombán Hill. The cold melody that comes in to accompany it is akin to tears in the rain. The tension building as the instrumentals become more prominent, a squeal of guitar announcing the shift as the song transitions into something heavier and doomier. The contrast between light and dark exceptionally shown here.

Following that, Critical Mass leans more into post-metal locales. Showcasing tender vocals and eerie melody that gradually builds up with justified intensity. Dystopian Future Movies reaching a crescendo of rawness within the instruments all while Cawley croons “where is love?”.

A stunning pair of tracks and it just gets better and better from here. The Veneer delivering a haunting experience that balances gloom and gleam perfectly. Before we get a grimly effective tale with Walls of Filth and Toil. Musically, it’s a track that has an ominous feel and doesn’t allow a moment of comfort, thanks to the offbeat guitars and drums.

The simplicity of the melody and how Crawley sings on the title track adds a deeper and comforting layer to it. However, consider the lyrical content and then prepare for the heavy tone shift that will wake any and all out of a stupor.

There’s no slipping back under with the growling intensity of License of their Lies, a track that bristles. Before No Matter takes the mind into dark, very dark, places. The exceptional crowning glory of the entire album and a track that stays with you long afterwards. Although that impact is felt all the way through the entirety of the album. Dystopian Future Movies make you feel, even if a lot of that feeling is based around grief, sorrow and anger.

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It’s no surprise then that the finale of A Decent Class of Girl is indelicately honest and unrelentingly raw. The emotions felt from this track alone, liable to see a few tears fall.

This might very well turn out to be the most important album Dystopian Future Movies ever release. It’s certainly their most impressive work to date. There haven’t been, and won’t be, many albums that have this much impact this year.

Dystopian Future Movies – War of the Ether Full Track Listing:

1. She From Up the Drombán Hill
2. Critical Mass
3. The Veneer
4. The Walls of Filth and Toil
5. War of the Ether
6. License of their Lies
7. No Matter
8. A Decent Class of Girl


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Dystopian Future Movies - War of the Ether (Septaphonic Records)
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