Album Review: Drip Fed Empire – Revolutionist (Self Released)

Brit nu-metalcore quartet Drip Fed Empire are poised to unleash a full-blooded assault on the UK armed with their debut album, Revolutionist, which drops on Friday 26th January.

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Genre-bending like few in the British scene can and showcasing a blend of old-school nu-infused sounds with modern metalcore heaviness, it’s Drip Fed Empire and they’re here to make you move. A task they accomplish with some ease as they come screaming out of the blocks with the atmospheric intro of Wandering Soul and the punchy electronica-heavy club-banger that his Give Me More.

Bringing even more energy, sounding even heavier, MK4 is a frantic and intense effort that really shows off Drip Fed Empire’s metalcore edge. Albeit twisted by exciting electronic turns, even if some elements (like the sped-up vocals) don’t quite hit. Then along comes The Work of God to create a soundscape that feels oppressive and dangerous. Those nu-influences front and centre here. Before Digital Drug brings forth big electronica beats and strong metal intensity.

This is Drip Fed Empire at their heaviest sounding and that makes this one of the more favourable tracks overall.

The entire album, and the sound of Drip Fed Empire, comes with a futuristic taint. One covered in a layer of dystopia, and nowhere is that better encapsulated then with systemreset. A track that tells a story, using a computerised voice and ‘relaxing’ melody, that has a deeply sinister undertone.

Coming at under half an hour, the album is wrapped up succinctly as Drip Fed Empire bring forward one of their most anthemic tracks of all with Arcane. Focusing more on the metalcore side of their sound, evident by the big chorus, and having some really strong melodies. Then close things out with the thumping and energetic weirdness of Invaders. If you weren’t hot and sweaty beforehand, this is the track to ensure you’re left panting for breath.

Live. Live is where a lot of these tracks are going to really blow up. You can hear it and you can feel it in the entire album. As enjoyable as most of it is on record, there’s no doubt that everything will sound bigger when played live.

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Drip Fed Empire – Revolutionist Track Listing:

1. Wandering Soul
2. Give Me More
3. MK4
4. The Work of God
5. Digital Drug
6. systemreset
7. Arcane
8. Invaders


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Drip Fed Empire - Revolutionist (Self Released)
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