Album Review: Dreamslain – Forge Of Rebellion (Self Released)

Epic progressive metal act Dreamslain will unveil their powerful and empathy driven sophomore album ‘Forge Of Rebellion’ on 14th June 2024.

The band comments:

In a world with increasing inequities, where many people are passive in the face of injustice, we challenge the world to action and seek to ignite a rebellion with this album. In addition, this album sees us pushing our own boundaries as musicians and composers to tell stories that will inspire activism in the metal community and beyond.

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Never a band to shy away from creating something wholly unique, somewhat strange, and convincingly unhinged. Dreamslain are back and back with something that requires focus and thought. Forge of Rebellion is a grand example of how this band defies genre labels and takes the listener on a journey that can simply be summed up as epic.

Alongside that, and in no way ignorable, is the progressive aspect to their sound. An aspect that sees Dreamslain skirt the line between genius and madness. Showcased with absolute aplomb on opener, Secrets of the Forge. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the blend of folkish melody, wacked out heavier instrumentals, and epically sung vocals, you’re not likely to enjoy the bulk of the album as this is a vivid showcase of Dreamslain’s creativity.

Something they hit a high with on Burn the Boats. Delivering a wide array of musical ideas with an impactful message. It deals with the destruction of traditional fishing vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, particularly in Greece, for the benefit of larger scale commercial fishing. Proving to be an exceptional example of their attractive progressiveness and powerful heavier sound. It feels half its nine-minute length.

There’s a peppiness to Braving the Storm that really gives it a folky feel, and it’s a daring example of Dreamslain being more energetic and fun. Albeit warped by a ‘kitchen sink’ approach to melody. Followed then by the more serious Ghost Story, a track with sombre touches, warped by a foundation of strangeness that is as compelling as it is off-putting. Although, to be fair, that is the Dreamslain make-up overall. Compelling and off-putting in equal amounts.

Yet, it is the compulsion to hear what comes next that wins out, even when faced with two tracks that, when combined, come to nearly twenty minutes. First, it’s the eight-plus minute The Dragon of Ice, and Dreamslain emphasising their progressive melodic power in empathic style. Then it’s the ten-plus minute Humankinds Fall, and here Dreamslain truly unleash all that makes them so distinctive. For better or worse, they do their own thing and create an experience that few are able to replicate.

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Dreamslain – Forge Of Rebellion Track Listing:

1. Secrets Of The Forge
2. Burn The Boats
3. Braving The Storm
4. Ghost Story
5. The Dragon Of Ice
6. Humankinds Fall


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Dreamslain - Forge Of Rebellion (Self Released)
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