Album Review: Djinn-Ghül – Opulence (Vicious Instinct Records)

Less than two years following the release of their critically lauded EP ‘Mechalith’, industrialized death-metal unit Djinn-Ghül are now ready to unleash their third full-length album ‘Opulence’ on July 14th, 2023, via Vicious Instinct Records.

With an explosion of garish, coarse, and merciless industrialised death metal, Djinn-Ghül reveal exactly what the full album experience will be like with opener God Lymph. The crashing and smashing of effects working in tandem with an intense death metal sound. Together, they make a sound that is startlingly chaotic.

Yet, for all its unrelenting heaviness, Opulence is also highly experimental and across the nine tracks, Djinn-Ghül make sure you walk away in a bit of daze.

There’s little but brutal death metal carnage to be found with the short impact of Xobek though. Before Ghola adds some horror-like industrial effects to the mayhem this band creates, and Disentomb’s Jordan James makes his guttural vocals the centre-piece of the title track. Djinn-Ghül really are in a league of their own when it comes to combining uncomfortable industrial effects with such savage metal.

Pseudosapien and Mother continue the jaw-dropping assault dished out by Djinn-Ghül. Equally off-putting and addictive viciousness. One feral and furious, the other haunting and effects laden. Before another guest joins the Djinn-Ghül nightmare on Fruitless Grasp. This time it’s Phelegeton of Wormed who lend a twisted set of vocals to a track that is somehow, seemingly impossibly, faster and heavier than anything heard so far. No matter how far you think Djinn-Ghül have pushed the limits of industrialised death metal, they find deeper reserves.

Can you handle a few more?

The penultimate track is Garden of Jaws (It Sees Too Much) and it features a touch of thrash to make the soul-rendering brutality that much more wicked. No amount of playful effects can change that. The album is then rounded off with Grave Vessel and the sound of Djinn-Ghül trying to ruin your hearing with one last abrasive industrial focused mugging.

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Djinn-Ghül – Opulence Track Listing:

1. God Lymph
2. Xobek
3. Ghola
4. Opulence (Feat. Jordan James of Disentomb)
5. Pseudosapien
6. Mother
7. Fruitless Grasp (Feat. Phelegeton of Wormed)
8. Garden of Jaws (It Sees Too Much)
9. Grave Vessel


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Djinn-Ghül - Opulence (Vicious Instinct Records)
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