Album Review: Divided by Design – The Fear of Being Forgotten (Self Released)

Divided by Design return to their conceptual roots with their third studio album ‘The Fear of Being Forgotten’. Out on February 10th, it depicts the journey of life, from the very beginning all the way to the legacy we leave behind.

An instrumental duo, Divided By Design have expanded their creativity and let their imaginations run wild on this new album. Delivering a heady concept with a ton of heart and soul to it. Immediately pulling on the strings with the melody that introduces I, Establish. The transition into hefty metal instrumentation, before becoming wildly progressive, but staying exceptionally grand sounding.

The first track is a big clue to the intense sonic spectrum that Divided by Design cover on this album and their unrivalled talents. Yet, there is still so much to come and with II, Construct, the expansion of their unique compositions continues in style. Showcasing some serious guitar-based skills, it’s a more relaxed trek at first, but descends into chaotic levels of progressive metal, with insane jazz and funk infusions. Weird and wonderful stuff.

III, Deconstruct is next and has some of the most intense sounding guitar parts, but with Divided by Designs exceptional layering of melody. Of course, inevitably, and excitingly, it transforms and becomes one of the wildest offerings on the album overall. Progressive absurdity that is both startling and delightful. Watch out for a touch of guest vocals here from Barnaby Tomlinson, who adds even more insanity to the overall experience.

Finally, it’s IV, Legacy to close out the concept, something that has resonated heavily throughout. Divided by Design having nailed the sense of a life lived and what we leave behind in stunning musical fashion. Exemplified by this finale that has a grandiosity and a more triumphant tone than heard elsewhere on the album. It still features an eccentric array of twists and turns though.

It’s an amazing album with just one minor issue… it’s not long enough. A damn fine complaint to have.

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Divided by Design – The Fear of Being Forgotten (Self Released)
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