Album Review: Dim Aura – The Triumphant Age of Death (Saturnal Records)

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Dim Aura stormed into the scene in 2010 as a quattro of black metal nihilists who have remained musically chained together since the inception of the group. After the EP “R.U.S.T.” and a slew of live annihilations and studio sessions, the Israeli misanthropes unfurled their debut album “The Negation of Existence” in 2013.

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After honing their craft live for a few years, 2017 saw the arrival of their first 7″ EP “Negged”, driving the bands compulsory urges towards their forthcoming sophomore album.

This torment of humanity has now made an alliance with Saturnal Records for the upcoming full-length, The Triumphant Age of Death, with an aim to beget a new era by spreading their vision, plague and terror ritual further upon mankind. The album will be released on March 22nd 2019.

A wall of sonic hatred, Dim Aura play black metal. Black metal built on a foundation of old-school riffs, furiously fast heaviness, blood-curdling vocals and a few surprises thrown in here and there.

It’s an unsurprising album in regards to its bleak black metal output but is remarkably well put together. Structured with intensity that highlights the hatefulness and horror on show. Clockwork Negativism strips flesh from bone with the razor sharpness of the riffs while the vocals howl like the sounding of demonic arrival. It’s black metal box-ticking but in the most satisfying way.

Towards the Plague then increases the speed and savagery within the drums, Black Heretic Hate’s intriguing riffs and style of forcing brutality down throats is especially exciting before Blood Boiling Misanthropy varying dark tempos is expertly handled by Dim Aura.

If you’re new to Dim Aura then you can tell that they’re a band who’ve spent time perfecting their sound and it pays off here. Straight up black metal can be wonderful and it can be terrible, so it’s a pleasure to have The Triumphant Age of Death fall into the former camp.

The assault on the senses continues as Dim Aura push and push until we’ve reached breaking point. Death Total Death, The Triumphant (Age of Death) and The Cruel rage and spit with disgusting fury. Finally breaking spirits with Mors Vincit Omnia, the hate absolutely pouring out of each and every pore of Dim Aura’s being.

They’ve created something pretty damn special here.

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Dim Aura – The Triumphant Age of Death Full Track Listing:

1. Clockwork Negativism
2. Towards the Plague
3. Black Heretic Hate
4. Blood Boiling Misanthropy
5. Death, Total Death
6. Antinomianism
7. The Triumphant (Age of Death)
8. The Cruel
9. Mors Vincit Omnia



The album can be ordered via Saturnal Records here and earlier releases via Dim Aura’s Bandcamp here. Merchandise can be picked up here and more information found on Dim Aura’s Facebook Page.


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Dim Aura - The Triumphant Age of Death (Saturnal Records)
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