Album Review: Devourer – The Wicked Ones (Self Released)

Since the release of their 2022 album, ‘Raptus’, Devourer have been through some changes. The most notable being the departure of vocalist Fredrik Håf, with Oksana Falk aka Oksana Rage, taking up vocal duties as well as playing the bass. Alongside John Falk on guitar, the duo have moved forward and will now release their fifth album, ‘The Wicked Ones’, on May 8th, 2024.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, and by that, I mean the consistent excellence that Devourer bring forth on every release. As a continuation, but an evolved one, The Wicked Ones is an immensely satisfying experience.

Beginning in brash blackened style with the title track, the first thought that enters the head is how furiously fiery Devourer sound. The second thought is how devilish Oksana sounds, it turns out that this move to vocals seems to be the right one. It might be darkness personified, but this is a opener that burns as brightly as the fires of hell.

Taking an uglier route down a malevolent path, Spirit of the North’s drum/guitar combo is super-sinful sounding. Devourer continuing to showcase an egregious amount of grim heaviness early in the album. Which is further encapsulated by the sordid riffing of The Atomic Redeemer, a track you’ll be compelled to head-bang too, and the stomach-churning savagery of Fear Incarnate. The undiluted sound of black metal mania.

Bravo to Devourer for staying true to themselves in the face of so much upheaval, and you can feel the weight of this albums importance as more and more heavy intensity crashes down upon the mind. Thanatomaniac’s diabolical blend of tempos and scathing vocal wickedness, Folly of Two’s unforgiving speed, and Dystopian’s slithering guitar sounds.

Track after track of brilliant brutality.

It’s insane that this record is so digestible considering the dark pit it comes from, but that’s the ability of Devourer. The two-piece haven’t just released a strong Devourer record, they’ve released the best to come under that blackened name. No further proof needed than the horrifying finale of The Crimson Serpents. That mischievous smile you have on your face? It’s on the faces of all who find themselves taken in by The Wicked Ones.

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Devourer – The Wicked Ones Track Listing:

1. The Wicked Ones
2. Spirit of the North
3. The Atomic Redeemer
4. Fear Incarnate
5. Thanatomaniac
6. Folly of Two
7. Dystopian
8. The Crimson Serpents


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Devourer – The Wicked Ones (Self Released)
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