Album Review: A Devil’s Din One – Hallucination Under God (Island Dive Records)

Playing psychedelic rock & roll in the vein of early Black Sabbath, King Crimson & Ghost. A Devil’s Din will release their new album (One Hallucination Under God) on September 29th via Island Dive Records.

Hallucination 1

There’s a really adventurous but relaxing sound to One Hallucination Under God. Kicking off with the trippy & mind-warping rock melody of Brave New World. It’s a start that will put a big smile on the face thanks to the feel-good vocals & hooky guitar riffs.

Although it’s leaning towards a psychedelic groove most of the time, their are plenty of progressive elements too. They really come to life on the likes of Eternal Now (very Ghost like) with some seriously groovy bass.

However what A Devil’s Din do so impressively is create catchy & memorable tracks that make up a journey that leaves you feeling challenged but satisfied.

The fuzziness coming from the guitars on Home really add to the moodier vibe it exudes. A bit more gothic in tone, the highlight is the guitar solo. It’s then followed by the very Sabbath like, Nearly Normal. So convincing is it that you could easily think Ozzy is singing on it.

Thankfully the album doesn’t get lost trying to sound like other bands. Songs like this are inspired by, not trying to be.

The psychedelic progginess comes back in serious style for the title track, One Hallucination Under God. One of the more unusual & compelling tracks of the album. The oddities that make up the beat & melodies certainly have an effect.

Not done experimenting, A Devil’s Din throw in the super-slow & warping Sea of Time. A track that is so trippy with its celestial sounds & repeated vocal lines of “tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock”. Arguably the least enjoyable song on the album as it just fades away into nothing after being initially quite exciting.

An impressive modern psychedelic rock and roll album, A Devil’s Din wraps up with the brilliant riffing & layered groove vocals of Where Do We Go & the beautifully haunting melody of Who We Are. A great finale that puts the cherry on the top of a damn tasty rock and roll cake.

Hallucination 2

A Devil’s Din – One Hallucination Under God Full Track Listing:

1. Brave New World
2. Eternal Now
3. Evolution
4. Home
5. Nearly Normal
6. One Hallucination Under God
7. Sea of Time
8. Where Do We Go
9. Who You Are

You can pick up A Devil’s Din’s music over on Bandcamp and keep up to date with news over on their Facebook Page.

A Devil's Din One - Hallucination Under God (Island Dive Records)
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