Album Review: Destrage – SO MUCH. too much. (3DOT Recordings)

Long-standing progressive extreme metal quartet, Destrage return with their incomparable and signature style on their sixth full-length offering and debut for 3DOT Recordings, SO MUCH. too much. Out on September 23rd, 2022.

Challenging the narrative of metal for 20 years, Destrage have been wowing listeners all over the world with their unique sound for a long time. A cross between technical mastery, progressive wandering, crossover melody, metalcore meatiness and extreme ferocity. Their sound is wholly theirs and with this new album, they perfect what they are so well known for.

SO MUCH. too much. is a beastly album, one that bleeds frustration and oozes passion. All warped by the progressive and methodological talent that makes Destrage such a joy to listen too. Kicking off with chaos and carnage, A Commercial Break that Lasts Forever is exceptionally wild and unrepentantly smart. This is how you start your album off. A clear, defined and pointed opener that showcases the honesty of how Destrage feel about the last few years.

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Although that does continue into Everything Sucks and I Think I’m A Big Part of It. Where modern metalcore and post-hardcore slams headfirst into the sound of extreme. Leaving nothing but the bloody mess of pulped human remains. Before Destrage’s ability to be incomparably weird is showcased in style on Venice Has Sunk. A drop into melody and soft singing after a cacophony of bedlam is simply startling. Destrage at their progressive best.

Whereas Italian Boi is Destrage at their anthemic best, thanks to a catchier metalcore bounce and powerful chorus.

The legend that is Devin Townsend then makes a guest appearance on Private Party. A track that utilises the man’s incredible talents perfectly as Destrage create something truly memorable and infectious. Before Sometimes I Forget What I was about to works as a ‘sort of’ brief intermission. Darker melody, haunting vocals and a growing intensity that leads nicely into An Imposter. Where Destrage turn into a stompier beast with a ton of groove and metalcore fire.

Is It Still Today? then gives listeners a taste of a more melodramatic Destrage flavour. Followed by the energetic rock-infused Vasoline, the relaxed melody of Rimashi and the explosive heaviness of Unisex Unibrow. SO MUCH. too much. coming to a close with one last exceptional bout of progressive, infectious and pretty brilliance with Everything Sucks Less.

An album of variety. An album of unique music. SO MUCH. too much. is the sound of a band reaching their apex.

Destrage – SO MUCH. too much. Full Track Listing:

1. A Commercial Break that Lasts Forever
2. Everything Sucks and I Think I’m A Big Part of It
3. Venice Has Sunk
4. Italian Boi
5. Private Party (feat. Devin Townsend)
6. Sometimes I Forget What I was about to
7. An Imposter
8. Is It Still Today?
9. Vasoline
10. Rimashi
11. Unisex Unibrow
12. Everything Sucks Less


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Destrage - SO MUCH. too much. (3DOT Recordings)
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