Album Review: Deserted Fear – Drowned By Humanity (Century Media Records)

Formed in 2007, Deserted Fear embarked on a quiet but deadly campaign to define their sound. After three years of reconfiguring and arming their war machine, the principals of Deserted Fear – Manuel ‘Mahne’ Glatter (vocals; guitars), Fabian Hildebrandt (guitars), Simon Mengs (drums) – released Demo 2010 to much acclaim in the underground.

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2012 signified the first full length album and over the course of three brutally good full-length albums, Germany’s Deserted Fear have become the country’s brightest death metal hopeful. With new album, Drowned by Humanity, on offer, the Thuringia-based trio are readying to not just take over their home country but to expand their brand of groove-laden, energetic death metal around the globe.

Drowned by Humanity will be released on February 8th 2019 via Century Media Records.

After an intro that gets the blood pumping with its battle march sound, Deserted Fear break open their box of death metal with thrash influences. All Will Fall instantly gets the hairs standing up on the body with its wicked riffs and bone-crunching drums. It’s clear and clean sounding death metal based in the modern day but with enough of the old-school to draw in long term fans.

Their rhythmic assault like approach to heaviness drags you in deep as the lengthy album takes hold of the mind, body and soul. An Everlasting Dawn, Reflect the Storm, Welcome to Reality…if you’re not sold on the strength of the first half of the album then you might be deaf.

Not that the second half is lacking in any department. A Breathing Soul makes a massive shout for being the strongest track on the album thanks to the calibre of riffs while Sins from the Past is filled with so much death metal groove it will leave the silliest smile on your face.

Setting the bar very high for death metal this year.

Deserted Fear 1

Deserted Fear – Drowned by Humanity Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. All Will Fall
3. An Everlasting Dawn
4. The Final Chapter
5. Reflect the Storm
6. Across the Open Sea
7. Welcome to Reality
8. Stench of Misery
9. A Breathing Soul
10. Sins from the Past
11. Scars of Wisdom
12. Die in Vain (Bonus Track)
13. Rear of My Throne (Re-recorded)

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The album will be available via all major streaming services on release.


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Deserted Fear - Drowned By Humanity (Century Media Records)
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