Album Review: dep – We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out (Self Released)

dep is the solo project of Danny Peck, an ambient, electronica rock based artist that has been present within the scene since 1994. ‘We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out’ is his latest release and is summed up by the man himself:

“We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out” is by far my favorite album yet. I think anyone who makes anything has certain water-shed moments in their life, creatively. This feels like one of mine. Ambient soundscapes and electronic beats have been set aside, to make way for acoustic guitars, stadium drums and big, epic walls-of-sound”.

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Nailing the feeling of grandness immediately. Inhale, Exhale is an emotionally affecting track that trickles eerie atmosphere. A work of beauty, it touches the soul with its soft played guitars and effective electronica. This is the kind of music that plays at the end credits.

The same feeling exists in Our Hearts Are Full, a track that is half poignant and half uplifting melody. Then there is We Know the Way and its chiptune/crashing drum beat, We Will Never Fall and its deeply warming rhythm before the sun sets on We Won’t Give Up.

The best track of the album comes next. Shimmer (Inception) is sublime. Utterly gorgeous with spell-blinding acoustic melody that picks up in tempo and volume as the track goes on before slipping away peacefully.

In case it hasn’t come through with the words written already, We Are the Lights That Will Not Go Out is simply fantastic. Music should move you, it should make you feel and that is exactly what dep has achieved here. If the final track, We Are the Lights doesn’t manage that then you’re probably already dead.

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dep – We Are the Lights That Will Not Go Out Full Track Listing:

1. Inhale, Exhale
2. Our Hearts Are Full
3. We Know the Way
4. We Will Never Fall
5. We Won’t Give Up
6. Shimmer (Inception)
7. We Must Be Strong
8. We Are the Lights



You can stream or buy the album via Bandcamp here, Spotify and Apple Music below. Find out more by going to dep’s website and follow him on Twitter.

dep - We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out (Self Released)
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