Album Review: Deity – Deity (Self Released)

Inspired by Suffocation, Emperor, Death, Slayer and Immortal and Deity will release their debut self-titled album on June 2nd 2017.

Vocalist/guitarist Danny Alessandro said:

“We formed about 15 years ago…Myself and John have always been the core of Deity. We had both been working on other projects till we felt the need to finally go in and finish this album about 3 years ago. We’ve known each other for about 20 years. We got tired of working on metal that wasn’t true to us. This is an album we’ve always wanted to hear!”

Deity 2

It’s becoming a bit of theme in metal to begin an album of crushing heaviness with some soft piano melody & Deity’s self titled is no different. The two minute haunting melody of Suspended in Animation, while really good stuff, just feels pointless when the 7 tracks that follow are mostly intense & aggressive death metal without a piano melody in sight.

High-intensity riffing, bladder-loosening drumming & hyper-aggressive vocals, Deity is one constant, nerve shredding assault.

Songs like Sacrificium & From Which We Came, Now We Return attempt to knock you down with repeated blows to the head. The guitars do most of the hitting here, constantly shifting & changing as the tracks go on. The latter of the two in particular, is a rip-roaring affair.

The vocals return with a vengeance for Rituals looking to make up for lost time before the accoustic guitar melody of In Time adds some needed freshness to the non-stop sonic attack. Unfortunately it goes on for over 6 minutes which is 4 minutes too long!

Ending with the Illuminate the Unwilling & In Turmoil (We Rise), it’s the former that sees the drumming pace get turned up a notch. While the latter is a 13 minute walk through every hard hitting note Deity have managed to drop so far.

It’s a great album, it just lacks little a fire that really steps it up to the next level.

Deity 1

Deity – Deity Full Track Listing:

1. Suspended in Animation
2. Beginning of Extinction
3. Sacrificium
4. From Which We Came, Now We Return
5. Rituals
6. In Time
7. Illuminate the Unwilling
8. In Turmoil (We Rise)

You can keep up to date with Deity’s plans over on Facebook & Instagram.

Deity - Deity (Self Released)
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