Album Review: Defocus – there is a place for me on earth (Arising Empire)

Defocus, the dynamic and powerful German metalcore quartet are back with their brand-new album, ‘there is a place for me on earth’, out on March 1st, 2024, via Arising Empire.

I was a big fan of Defocus’ 2021 debut album, ‘In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same’, describing it and the band as:

Barbaric as fuck, but with clever and interesting melody, Defocus attempt to make their mark on a bloated metalcore scene by going the bludgeoning route. You’ll pay attention to Defocus, simply because they’re smashing you over the head with their music.

Dizzying and disorienting, the moments of melodic levity are what you need to grasp hold of to not fall flat on your face. It might not sound like much fun, but it really is a blast. Through gritted teeth and a pounding headache, it’s not possible to keep the smile from spreading.

Big words (read the full review here), and nearly three years later, the metalcore scene isn’t any less bloated. Yet, this album still stands tall, but it’s now time to see if Defocus can do it again.

Which, going off the first two tracks, is something that really shouldn’t be in question. Defocus are back; angrier, more passionate, more intense, and more focused than ever. More than just a rethread either, let the bond be my grave and biased showcase a blend of metalcore and deathcore with nu-inspired fusions. Both equally dark, both equally frenzied, and both featuring a breakdown that will make your guts rumble.

Following that strong start, watch me bleed and consumed by you keep things sounding aggressive. The former with stompy groove and some wild melodically charged effects, whereas the latter is manic as all hell. The speed, the bursts of fury, and a chorus that just begs for mayhem to be caused in its name.

With the halfway point arriving, it does no harm to have some twists on the formula, as Defocus really put melody front and centre for crooked mind. However, it is just one aspect of this album, and if you’re thinking it’s a ‘soft’ listen, you’re in for a real surprise.

The aches and pains caused by this album’s savagery are already notable. I’d love to say that it gets easier in the second half, but we all know that’s bull.

Case in point, don’t let it hurt me, although be prepared for one of the more polarising tracks on the album as it features hip-hop elements, and they are quite prominent. On any other record and in the hands of many other bands, it wouldn’t work, but Defocus do skirt the line here. Then there’s an intermission called hybrid anthem, a piece of industrialised sounding music to make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Leading nicely into the carnage creating …to not feel anything. Get your pit shoes on, next time you see Defocus play live and if they drop this one, it’s going to seriously go off.

On such form, the end of this album genuinely sneaks up, even if it comes with such weight and destructive force that seems impossible. First, there is the mood-altering and atmosphere laden flatlines. A track that you simply sink into, even as it begins to suffocate. Then, just as it seems to have sucked the life out of you, it gets bigger and bolder, leading to a mentally freeing end. Then there is the title track, and it’s one last chance to hear Defocus let loose and go as hard and heavy as they possibly can. Guess what? It is barbaric as fuck, and most (I certainly was) will be all in on it. However, it also has one of their most anthemic sounding choruses.

Album number two is as strong as album number one. Hell, in many places it’s stronger. The Defocus train continues to pick up speed, and at this rate, they are going to be absolutely huge.

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Defocus – there is a place for me on earth Track Listing:

1. let the bond be my grave
2. biased
3. watch me bleed
4. consumed by you
5. crooked mind
6. don’t let it hurt me
7. hybrid anthem
8. … to not feel anything
9. flatlines
10. there is a place for me on earth


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Defocus - there is a place for me on earth (Arising Empire)
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