Album Review: Deep River Acolytes – The Hour of Trial (Via Nocturna)

The Hour Of Trial is the new album from stoner-doom-rock band, Deep River Acolytes due out on February 23rd 2018 on Via Nocturna with a limited run (500) of jewel case CDs.

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There’s a certain rawness to The Hour Of Trial that makes it feel like an album that is designed to played as the listener descends into darkness. While it has its fair share of heavy riffs, it also brings so much more to the table.

Grace Devotion is an effort that sees the full on temptations of evil come curling out of every bleak note & faster, rhythmic bleeding. It’s a mind-bending opener that does feel a little hurried even if it surprises with its impressive inventiveness.

Things settle down for The Unknown Granduer, a much better & structurally sound track. It’s still a fascinating listen as Deep River Acolytes marry hard rock & stoner beautifully together.

This ability to blend these elements so well together & bring them comfortably to the boil sees tracks like Wake at Sea, Cages & Univited standout. Whether it’s hypnotic riffs, the gruff but delicate vocals, the sexy bass lines…you’re left feeling incredibly satisfied.

Very satisfied indeed.

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Deep River Acolytes – The Hour Of Trial Full Track Listing:

1. The Unknown Grandeur
2. Deviltrance
3. Temples Below
4. Wake at Sea
5. Cages
6. The Uninvited
7. Grave Devotion
8. Salt of this Earth
9. The Undertow

You can order the album here & via the band’s Bandcamp here. You can find out more by liking their Facebook Page, checking their music out on SoundCloud and videos on YouTube.


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Deep River Acolytes - The Hour of Trial (Via Nocturna)
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